Chloe Ferry labels Amber Davies a ‘liar’ as she shares screenshots of messages between Amber and Sam Gowland

Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry, 23, has labelled Love Island’s Amber Davies, 22, a “liar” after she denied accusations that she’d reportedly slept with Chloe’s ex Sam Gowland, 24.

Continuing the public feud on her Instagram story on Saturday morning, Chloe shared screenshots of messages she said were exchanged between Amber and Love Island's Sam after they had reportedly slept together.

Speaking on her Instagram, Chloe said: “So I’ve woke up this morning to Amber Davies tweeting, saying that 'nothing happened between me and Sam'.”

Chloe then addressed Amber directly saying: “Darling, I’ve seen the messages. Sam messages saying, ’It doesn’t have to be weird between me and you,’ saying ‘what happened,’ I’ve got the messages on my phone. So stop lying.”

She added: “If you weren’t guilty you would’ve messaged me, you wouldn’t have turned off all your comments and blocked us on Twitter because a not guilty person wouldn’t do that.

“When I messaged you two months ago you said, ‘babe, I haven’t got time for that’ aye, because you’re too busy s**gging other people’s lads, that’s what you’re doing.”

Chloe then shared screenshots of messages that she said were between her ex boyfriend Sam and Amber.

The screenshot shows a brief WhatsApp conversation between Amber and Sam where Sam asks Amber to “stop ignoring us” and Amber simply replies insisting, “course we’re still mates”.

The Geordie Shore star, who dated Sam on and off for two years before splitting last month , also shared screenshots of messages between her and who she said was a “close friend” of Amber’s, who tipped her off about the pair.

In the string of messages, which date back to 22 May 2019, the friend contacted Chloe asking if she and Sam were together and calling Sam a “pig of a man” and said: “I take it he hasnt told you about last weekend in london. You need to stay well clear luv [sic].”

Chloe then asks who the person is and asks them to tell her who Sam was involved with and said her then-boyfriend was “denying” anything had happened.

The friend then replied: “How can he deny it when her manager and yours confirmed it babe? has he lost his mind [sic]”

Chloe then pleads the anonymous person to tell her who Sam was involved with and the person said: “Amber Davies.”

Amber’s management exclusively told OK! online: “We, as Amber’s management, have only ever denied this story since it was put to us.”

Reality star turned actress Amber has denied claims she had slept with Sam in a tweet she shared last night.

And, this morning, Amber shared her side of the story on Instagram, writing: “This is the story. A couple of months ago the papers contacted Sam and I’s management saying they were running a story that we had slept together.

“We hadn’t,” she said. “And both parties denied the allegations. A couple of weeks ago Sam replied to one of my Instagram stories and I ignored him after the whole drama.

“He then went on to message me saying he hoped the whole situation hadn’t ruined our friendship because it was quite frankly RIDICULOUS.”

Amber continued: “It was several months ago when the papers contacted us. It was in fact someone from Chloe’s side TRYING TO SELL THIS STORY in the first place. The last story of mine in FACTS.

“For Chloe to take to her 3m+ followers.. assume, manipulate and take something out of context, EVEN AFTER her and I exchanging messages and me reassuring her NOTHING HAD HAPPENED. Is shocking [sic].”

But, Chloe has since bit back at Amber again, calling her “liar” in Instagram Story.

Addressing Amber on her social media again, Chloe said: “Lying, lying, because if that was the case then why it was awkward?

“Her name was never mentioned until yesterday so when that text got sent, I think last month, how would it be awkward?

“Because her name never ever got mentioned until yesterday, so you’re a liar!”

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