Chris Brown Fans Furious At Jacquees: ‘Everyone Knows Chris Is King Of R&B’

After Jacquees declared himself the King of R&B ‘for this generation,’ Chris Brown’s fans clapped back – hard! And their Twitter love is fierce.

Who died and made Jacquees the King of R&B? That’s what Chris Brown’s fans are demanding to know. On Dec. 10, Twitter went into a meltdown two days after the 24-year-old singer gave himself that title in an Instagram video, boldly telling his 3.6 million followers on Dec. 8, “I just want to let everybody know that I’m the King of R&B right now, for this generation. I understand who came and who did that and that and that, but now it’s my turn. Jacquees is the King of R&B. I just heard it said and I’ve been feeling that. ATL, let’s get it. I’m the new King of R&B.”

Wait. Stop. Did anyone consult Breezy’s fans, because the 29-year-old’s stans are not feeling Jacquees’ declaration? The Twitter love for Chris was intense. One fan tweeted, “Girl like 😂now you and everyone else knows Chris Brown is our Generation’s King of R&B 😂 he’s the king of remixes.” Another fan broke it down, writing, “R. Kelly was the king of R&B in the ‘90s. Usher was the king of R&B in the ‘00s. Chris Brown is the current king of R&B.” To underscore his point, he added a GIF of NeNe Leakes saying, “I said what I said.”

Even Hot 97 presenter Ebro Darden added his opinion, tweeting, “Who is out singing, songwriting & out perfroming [sic] Chris Brown?? Da fuq is wrong with ya’ll?? Why are you doing this?? Usher & Trey Songz is [sic] the only ones competing.”

Other fans were equally vocal and passionate. “Nobody f***ing with Chris Brown on that R&B s***…,” one person tweeted. “N***a took the crown from Usher and had it ever since.”

And Breezy? He has just been sitting back and enjoying the praise. On Dec. 9 he shared a message on Instagram, writing, “I’m loving all the R&B love.”

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