Chrissy Teigen Just Put Some Trolls in Their Place

Being a parent is not easy, especially if one is raising their child in front of millions of people like Chrissy Teigen. The former model has transformed herself into a huge star on social media with her witty tweets and honest commentary on several issues, so many people love to share their opinions on her parenting style as well.

Recently, though, Teigen became tired of strangers judging her through their screens and decided to put them in their place.

Internet users opposed to Chrissy Teigen painting her daughter’s nails

On June 22, Teigen shared a short video of her and 3-year-old daughter Luna on the couch. The two of them seemed to be having a cozy night watching Sesame Street, though the focus was mostly on Luna’s painted nails.

“Doing her nails is my knitting. Kid toes kill me!” Teigen tweeted.

However, some users were not having it and did not see anything cute about children with colorful hands and feet.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Applying poisonous chemicals directly onto a child’s body can not be good. Whatever poisons are in polish are absorbed through the nail and directly into their body.”

Chrissy Teigen clapped back at the unreasonable troll

The mom-of-two clearly saw the ridiculousness of the situation and, instead of dignifying the response, she decided to speak sarcastically to the Twitter user.

“Well I actually had her drink it so joke’s on you,” Teigen said.

The truth is that research into whether adult nail polish is dangerous for children is still inconclusive, though according to a pediatrician who spoke to Popsugar, the biggest risk comes from kids putting their fingers in their mouth and ingesting the harmful chemicals. However, there is definitely kid-friendly nail polish out there and it’s possible that Teigen was aware of this.

Many of Teigen’s followers also came in to defend the star, eventually forcing the above user to make her tweets private.

“I’ve lost 4 family members to nail polish poisoning,” one person joked. “Wear a green ribbon in July to support nail polish poisoning awareness month.”

Chrissy Teigen has a history of sassing haters on social media

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This was not the first time that fans got to see Teigen put haters back in their place. The cookbook author is no stranger to people having opinions on her motherhood style and she always seems to have great responses up her sleeve.

Earlier in June, Teigen posted an adorable video of daughter Luna asking her parents for more candy and one commenter couldn’t help but make a rude remark at Luna’s slicked-back hairstyle, saying: “Finally someone brushed her hair.”

Teigen decided to respond: “All by herself! Maybe she can come do your makeup.”

Back in December, she also shared a photo of her son Miles wearing a helmet to fix his plagiocephaly, which is a condition in which a baby forms a flat spot on their head after lying on their back too much.

After receiving some negative comments, Teigen tweeted out a response to tell everyone to stop acting like they know what is best for her family just because they follow her on social media.

“Good morning trolls!” she said. “Just a friendly reminder that you do not indeed know absolutely everything. Miles has been seeing a physiotherapist – we didn’t just go straight to helmet. We tried muscle work and will continue. Also your flat headed kid turned out fine yes yes yes I agree.”

Teigen continued: “Just didn’t want you guys to see pictures and wonder. Not promoting anything. Just sharing our story! Thank you back to your bridge now.”

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