Christine Brown Celebrates Wedding Anniversary… While Kody Does Not

Extreme marital difficulties and general unhappiness?

What extreme marital difficulties and general unhappiness?!?

This is the message Christine Brown appears to be trying to send on Instagram, as the veteran Sister Wives cast member jumped on Instagram this week to celebrate an important occasion…

… her 26th wedding anniversary with Kody Brown.

“Happy Anniversary @kodywinnbrown 26 years!!” Christine wrote as a very simple caption to the romantic photo above, tagging her husband in the post, but not saying anything else.

Still: This is a lot more than Kody wrote in honor of the personal holiday.

He wrote nothing at all on social media in recognition of the anniversary.

Christine shared this sweet snapshot amid a time of apparent insecurity in her relationship.

Over the past several weeks on Sister Wives, we’ve seen Christine and her fellow spouses clashing with their shared husband over their unsettled status in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Kody wants to build everyone a giant mansion in which the families will all reside, while no wives seem to want this at all.

On the most recent installment of this TLC series, in fact, Christine paid a visit to her daughter and broke down over the challenging housing situation.

“It’s just so hard. This conversation sucks. It just completely sucks,” the irritated Sister Wife said in a confessional while speaking to daughter Aspyn about the family’s living arrangements.

Does Christine wish the family had never relocated?

“It wasn’t a mistake to move to Flagstaff,” she said, continuing as follows:

“Even though it’s been a hit, even though it’s not what we wanted, even though it’s been a year and we’re not where we wanted. It wasn’t a mistake. Flagstaff is still where we’re supposed to be.”

Perhaps this is true?

But it sure doesn’t seem that way, based on what we’ve seen on television over the past bunch of Sunday nights.

“It’s been so hard. I can’t tell you how hard it’s been,” the 47-year old told also said to Aspyn on Sister Wives this week, adding:

“I wanna build, I wanna get out there. I’m tired of wasting money everywhere. I just want to build and get out there, all together, and not move again.

“I’m done. I want to stay there forever and ever and ever.”

Kody, for his part, doesn’t seem ready to budge.

“I know I’m being intense here,” he live-Tweeted during the March 22 episode, defending himself and concluding:

“I’m angry. I have a responsibility to house my children … close enough to see them often. I believe that means I must ‘buy’ a home. Not what I want, but what I MUST do!”

Sounds like a pretty huge mess.

But, hey, happy anniversary, guys!

Good luck with everything.

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