Claudia Conway Beefs with Kellyanne on TikTok, Seemingly Grounded

Kellyanne Conway confronted her daughter over her recent viral posts about COVID in their family (and at the White House), and based on this video … we’re thinking the teenager’s in timeout.

Claudia Conway captured a loud face-off she had with her mom on TikTok, which was briefly posted to her account. It shows Claudia facing the camera, when Kellyanne enters the room off-camera and scolds her for spreading what she calls lies about their COVID diagnoses.

Kellyanne drops an F-bomb while Claudia tries explaining she was just sharing her interpretation. Nice try, Claudia … but ma ain’t buying it, and seems pretty furious here. Especially once she realizes Claudia is recording the whole thing!

A written statement was posted to Claudia’s account — saying she was sorry for the “uproar” her TikTok posts have caused in recent days … going on to explain it wasn’t her intent to mislead and clarifying she had no special insight into Trump’s health.

Claudia further explained Kellyanne didn’t lie about testing positive — and announced she, Claudia, would be taking a break from social media while the family quarantines together.

Translation: Mom’s making me do damage control, and I’m grounded.

Well, so much for the 15-year-old trending every other night on Twitter and TikTok.

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