Cloud Macchiatos: 5 Things To Know About Starbucks’ New Drink

Is your coffee too bitter? Add some ‘Sweetener,’ or try the new Cloud Macchiato from Starbucks. Here are the details on the new drink – including how it’s connected to Ariana Grande!

Everyone loves Ariana Grande, but when will be able to get an Ariana “Venti?” This joke took one step closer to becoming reality on March 5, when Starbucks unveiled its rumored collaboration with the Sweetener singer: the cloud macchiato. The coffee giant’s new drink shares a love of clouds with Ariana, 25, but there’s much more to what is your brand new obsession. Get all the low-down on this new drink that might put you on “cloud nine.”

1. It’s a “fluffy” drink that’s available March 5. The Cloud Macchiato is a new take on the classic macchiato – an espresso drink with a splash of foam on top. The drink (available in two flavors, Caramel and Cinnamon) features “whipped cold milk foam that has a light, fluffy and silky-smooth texture,” according to Starbucks Stories. Available in both hot and iced variations, the drinks begin with “whipped cloud” cold foam and are either blended with cinnamon lemon syrup or vanilla syrup. Add a crosshatch of caramel drizzle and/or a dusting of cinnamon and voila!

2. …and Ariana Grande is the brand’s new ambassador? In the lead-up to her Sweetener release, Ariana made frequent use of the cloud emoji, according to Teen Vogue, before having the design permanently tattooed to her finger. She showed off this ink – while drinking from a Starbucks cup – in Sep. 2018. Starbucks must have been watching because a day before the release, both the brand’s official Twitter and Ariana tweeted the same string of emojis. When the drink was out, Ariana tweeted pictures of her wearing the trademark Starbucks’ green apron. “#cloudmacchiato #starbucksambassador #trythesoyversion”

Ariana’s partnership with Starbucks and its Cloud Macchiato might not stop here, as Business Insider reports that Starbucks plans to debut a playlist featuring Ariana’s songs (and some of her favorite music) on Saturday (March 9) as well as “a playlist for International Women’s Day) on Friday (March 8.)

3. The drink is inspired by Barcelona. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains, but it was a different kind of Spanish weather that inspired Starbucks’ new drink. The Cloud Macchiato “draws inspiration from the leche merengada, or ‘meringue milk,’ a summer drink from the cafés of Barcelona, Spain that dates back centuries,” according to Starbucks Stories.

“The original Spanish beverage combines cinnamon and lemon zest, with a frothy texture which inspired us to reinvent the beverage as a macchiato,” said Erin Marinan, from Starbucks research and development team. “The texture of the Cloud Macchiato is luxurious and by adding espresso and our Starbucks signature caramel cross-hatch, we’re making it ours and opening up even more ways we can bring new beverage experiences to our customers.”

4. There’s a Cloud Macchiato playlist available… While Arianators will have to wait a few days for that reported Ariana playlist, Starbucks has already rolled out a Spotify playlist to help customers fully enjoy their new Cloud Macchiatos. It’s totally on brand as the tunes are all about clouds: The Orb’s “Little Fluffy Clouds,” One Direction’s “Clouds,” Electric Light Orchestra’s “Above The Clouds,” and two Paul McCartney songs – “Rainclouds” and “Feet In The Clouds” – are just some of the tracks.

5. The drink is the latest in Starbuck’s history of macchiatos. Macchiatos were one of the first beverages Starbucks began serving in its cafés in the late 1980s. The traditional Italian beverage – whose name means “marked – came in just two varieties, but Starbucks’ would add its own spin to the drink in the following decades. The Latte Macchiato soon followed, as did the Caramel Macchiato, the Coconutmilk Mocha Macchiato, and the Cinnamon Almondmilk Macchiato.

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