Colin Jost & Micheal Che Deliver ‘SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ With Cameo From Alec Baldwin’s ‘Donald Trump’

‘SNL’ was back with a Coronavirus edition of ‘Weekend Update’, including an ‘official update’ on the Pandemic from the Alec Baldwin’s ‘Donald Trump’!

SNL‘s “Weekend Update” never disappoints, but this week’s installment was on another level! Just like many news anchors around the country, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che delivered the news right from the comfort of their own homes. “This is obviously a strange way to do the show — but we got some people here on Zoom. Say hi everybody,” Michael began as producers laughed and cheered from their own homes. “Now it’s like party!” he exclaimed. It was so nice to see Michael smiling on our screens just days after his grandmother tragically died after contracting COVID-19. “Doing comedy with no audience is like being in a long distance relationship, and your girl is like, ‘we can’t have sex tonight but we can FaceTime’ and you’re like ‘ugh, I’d rather just cheat on you! So we thought we’d just tell some jokes and see what you think!” he added, before jumping into the headlines.

After praising Dr. Anthony Fauci, taking a dig at Kylie Jenner, and delving into Bernie Sanders stepping down, Alec Baldwin‘s President ‘Donald Trump‘ himself called in for a live interview! “Here with an official update on the pandemic is President Donald Trump…so what’s the latest with the virus?” Colin asked as the screen went to an image of Alec as Trump from a previous episode. “Well I’m happy to report, Colin, that America is now #1 in the world for Coronavirus!” Alec enthused. “My approval rating is up, my TV ratings are through the roof — and every night at 7 p.m. all of New York claps and cheers for the great job I’m doing,” he continued.

“Yeah, I don’t know if that’s for you man,” Michael quipped. Of course, the cheers are actually for the hardworking healthcare professionals and not for Trump — but Alec swiftly disagreed! “You’re wrong LeBron, you’re wrong. I’ll be honest — this virus, this covefefe ’19 is really a joke,” he hilariously responded, referencing one of Donald Trump’s most infamous typos (and confusing Michael for LeBron James all in one go).

“What is your advice because it seems to change every 24 hours?” Michael then questioned. “That’s a nasty question, you’re very nasty. I’ve always said it was a giant hoax we should take very seriously…so everyone need to wash their hands — or not,” Alec responded, noting that experts have informed Americans to wear masks.

The President couldn’t go on without referencing Netflix’s viral documentary Tiger King, and used “Weekend Update” for a very special announcement. “In times like this we need to come together. All Americans can agree on one thing — Carole Baskin definitely fed her husband to those tigers,” he said. “And I’m proud to announce Trump-Exotic 2020. I’m sorry you have to find out this way. I have a feeling Pence is going to be ‘into’ Joe Exotic,” he added, unveiling his upcoming campaign!

On the most recent episode of SNL, Colin and Michael brought back their short-but-hilarious but “The Weeknd Update” starring none other than The Weeknd. The Canadian singer, who was born Abel Tesfaye, appeared in the third version of the short sketch which typically features him waiting in a dressing room prior to his musical performance. In the Mar. 8 version, the 30-year-old made a pretty obvious reference to COVID-19! “Feel good,” he said casually to the camera, before suddenly coughing — yikes!

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