Comedians Bill Bellamy, Jeff Dye Defend Chris Rock's Right to Joke About Jada

Chris Rock can, and should, joke about whoever he wants — especially after being slapped by Will Smith — even if some feel it’s at Jada Pinkett Smith‘s expense … according to 2 fellow comics.

We talked to Bill Bellamy and Jeff Dye Tuesday on “TMZ Live,” and both defended CR’s right to joke about the sitch, even if he did so somewhat mercilessly during his latest Netflix special … which is now drawing the ire of some Black women.

Candace McDuffie, a senior writer for The Root, went so far as to suggest Chris actually had the slap coming to him after years of jokes she feels targeted Black women.

That’s not how Bill and Jeff feel about it, though … they’re squarely on Chris’ side, with BB telling us the dude used his own platform and creativity to address it as best he could, without violence.

Plus, there’s the financial benefit — Netflix paid a boatload for his “Selective Outrage” special.

But, even on the issue of whether Chris has it out for Jada and/or Black women … Bill says he doesn’t believe that to be the case. He says Chris takes shots at everyone, and sometimes certain groups might catch a stray.

Jeff Ross Says Chris Rock Took Will Smith Down with His Jokes, Not Fists

Jeff Ross Says Chris Rock Took Will Smith Down with His Jokes, Not Fists

It’s nothing personal, just the business of being funny … that’s Bill’s perspective anyway.

Now, Jeff — who’s hosting our new game show, “Who the Bleep Is That?” — was a bit more forceful in his repudiation of suggesting Chris deserved what he got … saying such a notion is insane, and disavowing the idea of anything or anyone being off-limits in comedy.

He’s got a few more harsh words about the matter … and you can tell he’s fired up. BTW, Jeff brings this same energy as the host of ‘WTBIT’ — which is airing now on FOX.

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