Corey Feldman Accuses Charlie Sheen of Raping Corey Haim

In 2010, the world of entertainment was rocked by the death of Corey Haim, the beloved child star who made a name for himself in the 1980s with such hit films as Goonies and Lucas.

Haim’s longtime friend and frequent co-star Corey Feldman was not only devastated by Haim’s passing, but outraged, as well.

Feldman claimed that the drug use that eventually led to Haim’s death was a result of the severe trauma that both men had suffered as adolescents working in Hollywood.

According to Feldman, he and Haim were both sexually assaulted on numerous occasions a the height of their fame.

On Monday night, Feldman hosted a premiere of his long-promised documentary, the scandalously titled, (My) Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys.

In the film, which was also streamed online — albeit with severe technical issues which prevented most buyers from watching live — Feldman shares new details about the allegations.

The film contains a number of shocking claims, but the one that’s received the most attention in the hours since its release is one that may come as a surprise to those who have followed Haim’s story closely over the years.

In the documentary, Feldman repeats the claim that Haim was raped by Charlie Sheen on the set og the 1986 film Lucas.

“This wasn’t like a one time thing he said in passing,” a tearful Feldman says on camera.

“It wasn’t like ‘Oh, by the way, this happened.’ He went into great detail.”

“[Haim] told me, ‘Charlie bent me over in between two trailers and put Crisco oil on my butt and raped me in broad daylight. Anybody could have walked by, anybody could have seen it,” Feldman continues.

Later in the film, Feldman turns to his own trauma and once again names the industry insiders who allegedly abused him while he was still in his teens — Jon Grissom, nightclub owner, Alphy Hoffman, and former talent manager Marty Weiss.

Grissom angily denied the allegations in a YouTube comment.

“I said it’s not me I’m sick and tired of saying that when no one listens. So goddamnit I’m not repeating it anymore,” he wrote.

Weiss was even more scathing in his remarks, accusing Feldman of profiting from his late friend’s pain.

“Corey Haim would never grandstand sex abuse for profit nor would he have thrown innocent names around due to personal vendettas,” he tweeted.

“The fact that Feldman uses me to convince ppl that CH was a sex fiend is horrific and exposes both his jealousy of Haim & CF’s friendship with me.”

Sheen has yet to respond to these latest allegations.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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