Coronation Street’s Natasha Naomi Rea slams cinema after she and son suffer panic attack

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Former Coronation Street actress Natasha Naomi Rea has said she suffered a panic attack after a trip to the cinema. The mum claims she was “blocked” in by a “rude” member of staff at a Vue cinema in Manchester.

I was hyperventilating.

Natasha Naomi Rae

The actress, 32, had been hoping for a day out with her ten-year-old son, Luciano, in order to watch the popular film, The Suicide Squad, starring Hollywood actress Margot Robbie, despite the fact the film is Rated 15.

However, Natasha, who has also appeared in BBC One’s Doctors, claims her day took a turn for the worse when she visited the Printworks city centre branch of Vue.

The star, who has previously spoken about her battle with anxiety, says her son’s hands started shaking during the incident which left the pair shaken up.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News, Natasha claims that a worker at the branch had continually “blocked” her’s and Luciano’s path.

She had pre-booked her tickets online for the film which is certified 15 but claims that the booking office staff handed over the tickets when she explained she didn’t have proof of age on her.

The Manchester-born actress told the publication: “They gave us the tickets and we went upstairs and when we went to walk through he blocked us.

“He asked for ID and I said they had given me the tickets, then Luciano’s hand tremor started and I started with my anxiety.”

“I was hyperventilating and he couldn’t stop the tremor in his hand,” she added.

Natasha went on to say: “He started going on about us not having a mask and I said I didn’t need to wear one.

“I was upset by the rudeness of them, he kept blocking us.”

The star, who is an ambassador for Bipolar UK, says she was “in a blur” moments after the incident as the cinema staff issued her and Luciano a refund.

However, she later took to social media criticising the company after her ordeal.

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Taking to Twitter, Natasha said: “Service from @vuecinemas Manchester was just disgusting!”

She continued: “Causing myself and Luciano to have a panic attack, you need to learn how to treat people with an invisible illness!

“Will not be coming back!”

However, Natasha says she and Luciano have previously seen 15 rated films at the cinema, as her son has an “older head on his shoulders”.

Natasha later told the same publication that due to her anxiety, she “can’t have people” in her space.

She said: “I think places need much better customer service towards people who might have an invisible illness.

“I think there should be places on the train, in restaurants and in the cinema where you can go when you need to be on your own.”

A spokesperson for the high street cinema chain said: “The customer was asked to provide ID in this circumstance due to the rating for The Suicide Squad being 15.

“Given the child of the customer was 10, and no ID was available, staff at the venue immediately offered the customer the option to watch an alternative film or a refund, which the customer accepted.”

If you have been affected by this story, you can contact the Anxiety UK helpline on 03444 775 774 or text 07537 416 905 for support.

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