Courteney Cox Hilariously Recreates Iconic ‘Friends’ Moment While Moving Furniture In Her Home: ‘Pivot!’

Courteney Cox referenced a legendary ‘Friends’ scene that big fans know and love. Pivot!

Big Friends fans remember that classic “Pivot!” scene – and on March 2, Courteney Cox, 54, recreated the iconic moment with movers in her own house! Courteney, who played Ross Geller’s sister Monica in the show, did an impression of her television brother while instructing her movers. “We’re trying to move a piece of furniture down the hall,” she said. “Pivot. Pivot! PIVOT,” Courteney instructed them as they turned the corner of the hallway.

Everyone started laughing, and she yelled the word again as they entered into another room. We love that Courteney is having fun with her new Instagram account and giving fans the Friends content we deserve!

She captioned her video post, “Just another Friday night #pivot.” Absolutely incredible. Court recently gave another Friends shoutout – a couple of days earlier, she posted a throwback pic of her and Friends costar Lisa Kudrow, 55, from their NBC sitcom days. “‘IS THAT YOU?’ What Lisa K said when I showed her this pic,” Courteney jokingly captioned the ‘gram.

Just another Friday night #pivot

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In the original Friends scene, Rachel Greene and Chandler Bing helped Ross move into his new apartment by lifting a couch up the stairs. As they all turned the corner on the staircase, Ross yelled at them, “Pivot. Pivot! PIVOT!” He yelled it so much (and annoyingly!) that Chandler responded, “Shut up. Shut up! SHUT UP!”

While Courteney wasn’t in the original scene, it has definitely been one of those iconic Friends scenes that people remember and joke about, even several years after the show ended. Courteney was a lead in the ensemble cast on Friends, alongside actors Lisa, Jennifer Aniston, 50, Matthew Perry, 49, David Schwimmer, 52, and Matt LeBlanc, 51, from 1994 to 2004. The show had a diehard fan following, and has found new life with a younger audience while streaming on Netflix.

We can’t wait to see more funny pictures and videos from Courteney in the future – maybe the whole cast can join in on the fun?! A mini reunion wouldn’t hurt… it has been 15 years since the final episode aired. More Friends please!

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