Crocs collaborates with Balenciaga for stiletto clogs, Diplo for tie-dye shoes

Couture is saying hello to comfort with Balenciaga’s latest shoe collaboration with Crocs.

The luxury fashion house unveiled a partnership withthe shoe brand for its 2022 spring collection Sunday. Along with extravagant ballgowns, classically-tailored trench coats and leather-bound handbags, rubber clogs made their way down the runway. This is the second time Balenciaga has joined forces with the comfort shoe brand for one of its shows; the first collaboration was released in 2017. 

“Balenciaga Crocs 2.0,” according to the show notes, sees the classic Croc clogtransformed into pumps, thick boots with the signature foot bed shape and pool slides. Instead of the iconic crocodile logo on the shoe’s rivets, the designer brand is stamping their version with brand’s name. 

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Balenciaga premieres a new croc collaboration for its Spring 2022 collection (Photo: Balenciaga)

Social media users were both repulsed and excited by the idea of a heeled Croc.

“It’s a croc girl summer for me & I just found a pair that match my balenciaga bag perfectly,” wrote @vibelessa. 

“Catch me taking my first heels class in croc stilettos with the sport strap on,” @isabelng523 wrote. 

Another user wrote: “now I love me some crocs but who on their design team thought croc heels were the move?”

now I love me some crocs but who on their design team thought croc heels were the move

Balenciaga isn’t the only Crocs partnership in the spotlight: Producer and DJ Diplo also announced his collaboration with the brand.

“On a summer day deep in quarantine I was on a spirit walk lost in Joshua tree. A roadrunner ran past me and whispered in my ear to make mushroom crocs,” he wrote on Instagram. 

Crocs announce partnership with music producer Diplo for two new shoes. (Photo: Crocs)

Crocs released the Diplo-inspired tie-dye patterned shoes Tuesday, complete with mushroom shaped “Jibbitz” (plastic inserts to decorate the holes on top of the shoe) that glow in the dark. If the classic clog isn’t your style, Diplo also released a strapped sandal with the shoe brand. 

Diplo x Crocs sandal (Photo: Crocs)

Though Crocs have not historically been recognized as fashion forward, teaming with high fashion brands and popular influencers may point to some of the rising popularity of comfort and trend of bright colors.

Sonya Abrego, a New York City-based design and fashion historian, told USA TODAY comfortability and bold colors will have a lasting impact on what we wear as we move forward from the pandemic. 

“At first, there was almost a playful showing off of people’s comfy clothes during the pandemic,” Abrego said. “Comfort will definitely stick around.”

In contrast, Abrego said there will also be a preference for “aggressively colorful, neon and bright colors” (like the bright green Balenciaga Crocs and Diplo’s neon tie-dye clogs) in the next few months to “make up for the fact that we lost a year of sticking to the minimal, comfortable looks.” 

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