Cuban Doll: 5 Things About Rapper Who Offset Is Accused Of Trying To Cheat On Cardi B With

Cheating rumors are swirling after Cardi B and Offset’s shocking split, and rapper Cuban Doll has found herself at the center of them. Here’s everything to know about her.

After Cardi B announced that she and Offset have ended their romance, text messages between the Migos rapper and a woman named Summer Bunni surfaced online. In the texts, the person who is allegedly Offset asks Summer if he can have a threesome with her and Cuban Doll, and even offers to fly them to where he is to get it done (NOTE: it has not been confirmed that the person in this text conversation actually is Offset). Here’s more to know about Cuban Doll.

1. The texts were released as revenge by an ex-friend. The texts that Offset allegedly took part in were released on social media by someone by the name of “@mmmforeign,” who is Cuban Doll’s former friend. Along with the texts, @mmmforeign released a screen shot that seemed to show Cuban Doll Facetiming with Offset. It’s unclear what happened between the women, but Cuban Doll took to Twitter after the information was leaked to rant, “I have learned my lesson I promise I will never put my energy into these fake friends again. How could you turn on me?”

2. Cuban Doll has denied the cheating rumors. After all of this shocking information came out, Cuban Doll went on Twitter and claimed, “I don’t know Offset. He could tell you himself, I don’t know him. Never had his number, never in my life texted that man.” Meanwhile, Offset also shot down the accusations, writing, “I never tried to convo with you hoes. Cap Cap Cap. Leave me and my fam out of the cap. Bust ass h**s with no bag. Good on thots.” Cardi did NOT reference these allegations when she opened up about the breakup, but fans were quick to point out the timing of the split and how it came right after these texts came out.

3. Cuban Doll gained notoriety as an Instagram star. Cuban doll, whose real name is Aaliyah Keef, first garnered attention on Twitter in 2012. Once she had a decent following, she started her Instagram account (@cubanndasavage), and quickly became a web star. She now has 1.4 million followers and is known to post sexy photos.

4. She’s also a rapper/singer. Once she established herself on social media, Cuban Doll began pursuing her rap career in 2017. Her album, Cuban Link, came out that year.

5. She’s previously dated a fellow rapper and was a victim of domestic violence. Cuban Doll was once linked to a rapper named Tadoe. However, earlier this year, she showed off her bruised face on Instagram, and hinted that Tadoe was responsible. She never officially confirmed that Tadoe assaulted her, but the bruises were revealed after Cuban Doll talked to Tekashi 6ix9ine on Instagram Live, which reportedly pissed Tadoe off.

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