DaBaby's Battery Charge in Miami's Been Tossed, Civil Suit Ongoing

DaBaby‘s no longer sweating a battery case in Miami … TMZ’s learned prosecutors are dropping the charge but the rapper’s not exactly out of the woods just yet.

The Miami State Attorney’s Office says it dropped the battery charge against DB claiming one of the alleged victims would NOT cooperate. That alleged victim is a friend of concert promoter, Kenneth Carey. You’ll recall Carey was the guy who got beat up and allegedly robbed on video. The other alleged victim is not seen in the video.

Even though the battery charge has been tossed, cops are still investigating the alleged robbery of Carey … so DaBaby could potentially be charged.

TMZ broke the story … Carey sued DaBaby claiming DB and his crew beat him to a pulp and in the process jacked his phone, money and credit card over a business deal gone wrong. That lawsuit — Carey’s suing for more than $6 mil — is still active.

For his part, DaBaby insists he’s innocent and vows he’ll win the lawsuit.

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