David Eason Accused of Humiliating Jenelle Evans With Revealing Video

Against all odds, Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham are still together.

Sure, they went their separate ways for a while after David shot and killed the family dog, but that was to be exected.

And yes, Jenelle banged some dude from Boston after she moved to Tennessee to escape David, but these are just the things all couples go through … right?

Anyway, despite Jenelle’s abuse allegations against David and her claims that her kids are afraid of him, these two are still toughing it out.

Unfortunately, their relationship is so unhealthy that these two can’t stop it from spilling over onto social media.

We’d say Jenelle should just quit Instagram and TikTok altogether, but these days it’s her only source of income.

So she continues to upload several videos a day, even though the criticism she receives in her comments seems to really, really bother her.

The latest offering from Jenelle finds her at the beach being recorded by her ever-present husband (no job means nowhere to go!).

Apparently, Jenelle didn’t expect David to start filming, but once realized what was happening, she got into it, and before long, there was a regular twerk-fest going on.

“I was so mad lmao, thanks babe,” Evans captioned the clip.

Obviously, Jenelle didn’t seem to mind — she posted the video, after all! — but some followers felt that David demonstrated a lack of proper respect for his wife.

“Did David film this? If so, girl he hates you. Simple as that,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“Okay, my bf thinks my fat ass is hot too, but he doesn’t channel his inner Michael Bay to make flab films,” another joked.

“Omgoodness. That was gross, a little violent, super awkward, but mostly just embarrassing. I’ve never been more embarrassed for someone in my life,” a third chimed in.

“I actually hate this song. It’s supposed to be about body positivity but says if you have a belly or a bum that you’re not pretty. What kind of message is that???” a fourth remarked.

“Ah, yes. Nothing like your husband zooming in on your ass and belly to the tune of ” I’m not pretty ” lyrics to make you feel better #thanksbabe,” a fifth added.

You get the idea.

We hope that the use of Jessia’s song was merely coincidental, but both David and Jenelle put a lot of thought into their social media posts (they have nothing but time!), so we doubt that that’s the case.

For example, when Jenelle posted a video response to the people encouraging her to get a job, she did so to the tune of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills”.

“When people tell me to get a real job. You don’t pay my bills,” Evans captioned the clip.

Now, she’s chosen quite a curious soundtrack for this video, which we think is supposed to be about body positivity.

We’re sure it all makes sense in Jenelle’s head, we’re just not sure why she feels the need to share her every thought with the world.

I was so mad lmao , thanks babe. @easondavid ❤️??? ##Draft

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