David Eason Escalates Kailyn Lowry Feud & Slams Her For Plastic Surgery: ‘It’s Less Painful To Eat Healthy’

The drama continues for Kailyn Lowry and David Eason! Now, Jenelle Evans’ husband is dissing the fellow ‘Teen Mom 2’ star for trying to change her body with plastic surgery.

Kailyn Lowry has been open about the plastic surgery procedures she’s had done on her body, and now, David Eason is using it against her. The two have been feuding on social media, and David took a low blow by commenting on Kail’s weight in a recent post. Now, he’s further extending his harsh diss. “If you can change your body why do you stay the same even after extensive surgery?” David asked Kailyn on his Instagram story April 25. “You think it’s cool to influence other women to have surgery like you. But I thought you were all about embracing your body and not being ashamed of it…? So why put yourself through such painful surgery? It’s less painful to eat healthy.”

The comments came after David re-posted a HollywoodLife article about Kailyn looking great in a black bikini on Instagram. He called her out for being “overweight” in the pic. Kailyn didn’t let his hurtful comments get to her, though, and responded on Twitter, “I can change my body. He can’t change who he is.” This is what prompted David to go off about the ways Kailyn has changed her body in the past. Meanwhile, he also posted a photo of his wife, Jenelle Evans, in a bikini of her own, which he captioned, “Now this is what you would call ‘stunning in a bikini!’”

Kailyn and Jenelle/David have been feuding for years. At the end of 2018, Kailyn attempted to smooth things over by sending Jenelle a ‘peace offering’ gift, but Jenelle responded by setting the present on fire and documenting her actions on social media. Then, at the beginning of January, Kailyn revealed on Twitter that she refused to film and future Teen Mom 2 reunions or scenes with Jenelle and David.

David was fired from Teen Mom 2 for alleged hateful homophobic tweets at the beginning of 2018. He is public about his support of guns and the confederate flag on social media.

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