‘Delivering babies from 6ft away is hard!’ Jenny Agutter on Call The Midwife struggles

Call the Midwife: Jenny Agutter discusses Nonnatus's house

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Jenny Agutter, 68, and the rest of the Call The Midwife cast were beyond happy to resume normal filming, especially for last year’s Christmas special. But she noted socially-distanced midwifery is rather difficult, as we can imagine.

Delivering babies from six feet away is hard!

Jenny Agutter

The national treasure also felt it was important that the BBC show got back on-air after the tough year we had had.

In a new interview, she said: “I was so pleased we were able to get back to filming for last year’s Christmas special.

“I think the BBC wanted to make it happen for families during that time.”

“We all felt that it was important.”

She went on to tell Woman and Home that the cast and crew were so relieved they were able to do so, explaining: “We all felt, whatever the circumstances – and for some people the pandemic has been dire at times, with isolation and the lack of community – it felt like a good thing to do.

“And it was lovely getting back to work.”

But she quickly: “Delivering babies from six feet away is hard!”

Jenny has portrayed Sister Julienne, a cornerstone of the popular programme, since 2012.

She is the leader of the nuns of Nonnatus House, serving as both a guiding hand and a moral compass for the sisters in her charge and the young midwives.

Over the course of the 10 seasons, she has remained a staple character and looking back, Jenny has a collection of memorable storylines that are close to her heart.

One of which, left her and her co-stars in tears when she reminisced on a pinnacle scene from the drama.

Speaking early this year, she told Express.co.uk and other media of her favourite moments.

She chose a scene from series three, between Chummy (played by Miranda Hart) and her dying mother Lady Browne (Cheryl Campbell).

Fans of the show will remember how they did not have the best of relationships but as her mother was dying, they tried to reconnect.

In the poignant scene, Chummy is seen painting her mother’s nails to some beautiful classical music.

After it aired during a special Q&A, Jenny, creator Heidi Thomas and co-star Helen George were all left in tears.

The TV star then explained why she finds it such a moving moment.

She explained: “It’s such a simple moment and that’s what’s extraordinary.

“Heidi always finds something which you perhaps wouldn’t think about and throws it in there.

“And this is a way of showing her mother is dying and that moment of just taking care of her, giving her a manicure, it gives them a moment to be together.”

The actress also reflected on how the scene shows the sometimes difficult connection between parent and child.

She continued: “That is the one regret that one has in life is if you don’t manage to connect with a parent and haven’t done through your life.

“You look at that and it’s just beautiful.”

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