Demi Lovato Can Relate to Shawn Mendes’ Mental Health Issue: ‘That’s Never a Fun Feeling’

Earlier this month, the ‘Stitches’ crooner announced that he had to take a break from his ‘Wonder’ world tour as he had ‘hit a breaking point’ due to ‘the toll of the road and the pressure.’

AceShowbizDemi Lovato admits that she understands what Shawn Mendes is going through. Speaking in a new interview, the “Sorry Not Sorry” hitmaker says that their “heart goes out” to the “Stitches” crooner.

On Friday, July 22, the 29-year-old singer/mental health advocate shared their thoughts about Shawn’s recent announcement that he was taking a break from his “Wonder” world tour to “take care of” his mental health. While on Audacy’s “Karson & Kennedy” show, the “SUBSTANCE” songstress said, “I know what it’s like to get out on the road and not be ready for it.”

“I know what it’s like to feel overworked or burnt out,” Demi, who once admitted that she had “suicidal thoughts and depression” in the past, further shared. They stressed, “That’s never a fun feeling, and when it’s dealing with mental health, it’s like, ‘gosh.’ My heart just goes out to him. It is something that I thought about. It’s been four years since I’ve toured and I’m at a different age, I’m at a different place in my life.”

Earlier this month, Shawn posted a vulnerable statement on Instagram, unveiling that he had to postpone his concert for his own sake. “I’ve been touring since I was 15 and to be honest it’s always been difficult to be on the road away from friends and family,” the Canadian heartthrob told his fans. “After a few years off the road, I was ready to dive back in, but the decision was premature and unfortunately the toll of the road and the pressure has caught up to me and I’ve hit a breaking point.”

Shawn went on to note that he has spoken with his “team and health professionals,” and as a result, he decided to “take some time to heal and take care of myself and my mental health, first and foremost.” He then concluded his message, “As soon as there are more updates I promise I will let you know love you guys.”

Days later, a source confirmed to PEOPLE that Shawn is “getting help.” The insider added, “Shawn is a very sensitive and caring guy. When he gets frustrated with things around him, he turns inward and suffers. He said he is getting help so that is admirable.”

Shawn’s tour postponement came after he confessed he was struggling with social media in an Instagram post in December 2021. He said at the time, “I’m having a little bit of a hard time with social media at the moment, just kind of my relationship with it, but I have lots of people sending me videos and telling me what’s going on.”

Shawn, who broke up with Camila Cabello last year, first spoke about having anxiety in a 2018 interview. He said the following year the admission was “one of the scariest but most important things I’ve ever done.”

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