Did Piers Morgan already get fired from Ruper Murdoch’s TalkTV?

In March 2021, thin-skinned bully Piers Morgan stomped off the Good Morning Britain set when Alex Beresford – an attractive, intelligent, charismatic, Black weatherman – spoke in simple sentences about how Piers has been verbally abusing the Duchess of Sussex for years. After he walked off the set, he threw an even bigger tantrum about how maybe he doesn’t even want to be on GMB anymore. ITV took him at his word and let him go. He spent months trying to get his job back to no avail. Then came Rupert Murdoch, who created TalkTV – a newsy network for and by large, loud, sweaty, fascist meatballs. Piers was supposed to be the showcase talent of TalkTV’s evening programming. The ratings have been dismissal – at times, only a few thousand people are watching Piers. For some of TalkTV’s programs, there are zero viewers. Rename it FlopTV! Anyway, Piers has been back on the airwaves for about six weeks. And now he’s “taking a break.”

Piers Morgan is taking a six-week break from his struggling TalkTV show Piers Morgan: Uncensored. The British TV presenter and author, who has been called a “c***” by one of his guests, mocked for interviewing a Taliban spokesperson, and had an explosive interview with former President Donald Trump, has a viewership that is dwindling.

A report earlier this month that Rupert Murdoch’s TalkTV has been rated as having “zero viewers” during certain points during primetime broadcasts. Morgan’s show’s figures from Wednesday (18 May) showed that his audience was only 24,000, which isn’t that much for evening television.

As a result of the announcement of Morgan’s break, some people have taken to social media to speculate that someone would have to step in for him. Media Guido wrote: “Understand @piersmorgan is taking a six-week break from his show, no news as to who will stand in for him with his 32,000 viewers.”

Another referenced Andrew Neil, the Scottish journalist, broadcaster and chairman of The Spectator who left GB News because of differences in the direction of the channel, added: “Andrew Neil took a break from GB News and never came back.”

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This story is funny in itself, but then Piers made it so much more hilarious when he tried to get snippy about his “break.” He’s apparently coming to America to hang out with serial killers… and he’ll be gone for ten weeks? What kind of bullsh-t job is this? Piers shows up to work for six weeks, acts like a big, screamy, sweaty ham and then peaces out for ten weeks for some kind of side job? The internet people are right, he’s either been fired already or he will be soon. I love it when terrible things happen to terrible people.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) May 27, 2022

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