Dr Alex George on the ‘pinch me’ moment he became government mental health ambassador after tragic loss of brother

When we speak to Dr Alex George he is having a rare day off from A&E.

However, the past week have been a “whirlwind” so although he is hoping to get out for a walk in the snow, he is, for now, spending the morning discussing his new appointment, the government’s new youth mental health ambassador with OK! VIP members.

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It is a role that the star has been campaigning for since the start of 2021, and last week he met with Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a conversation about the job.

He said: “It was a real pinch me moment. He is the busiest person in the UK right now, I’d say.

“As a little Welsh boy from Carmarthen, who just started a campaign earlier this year, It does feel kind of incredible to be in that position and to be able to have time to say what I wanted to.

“Because that’s the important thing, I don’t want to just meet the Prime Minister. It is about meeting and getting across the important things that I want to say.”

But what is it that this former reality star, who rose to fame in a Mallorcan villa, has to say?

Well, last year Alex’s brother Llŷr tragically took his own life at the age of 19 following a battle with his mental health.

This has spurred on the star to make an impact and improve the mental health of others, especially young people, and he is starting with children returning to education.

He told us: “The first thing we need to focus on is the transition period back to school. Obviously being in lockdown is very hard on children, parents and teachers. But so is a transition period.

“Going back to school can trigger things like anxiety, also underlying health issues, and it can just be hard on everyone.

“I mean going from being at home everyday to straight back to a busy classroom. You know, I just worry that we need to make sure we’re supporting them.

“The things that we are working on for the next couple of weeks is what available support there is, is there more we can do or what can we do to make that transition better.”

However, in the future Alex’s hopes to go one step further and make it mandatory for children to learn about mental health in school.

He said: “In the long term my ultimate goal is to make mental health a priority alongside the other core subjects that we teach our children, so that they come out with well-roundedness, they come out with the resilience they need and the kind of good coping mechanisms for the stress everyone faces in life.”

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Alex also explained that he hopes to be voice to young people because “for a long time their side of the story hasn’t always been heard.”

He added: “The important thing is I am external to government, it's an unpaid role, it's an ambassadorial role.

"I’m objective in that sense, I don’t have any ties with government. It’s important that I able to say what I want to say in these meetings and everything, and also just try to hold thing accountable really.”

As for his credentials for the role, Alex is aware he may not, on paper, be the most experienced candidate, but he has a relatable and valid perspective.


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The star said: "I’m not a psychiatry consultant, but I understand what it is like to lose someone to suicide, I understand what its like for young people…

"I think my platform gives me the ability to speak to young people to get their voices heard as well.

"There are plenty of PHD experts advising the government, but it's about having a different angle."

And what to Alex's parents make of his new role?

"I think they’re proud. Nothing will bring my brother back but if I can do something positive, I think they generally feel this is good thing."

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