Drake Is Being Roasted Over the ‘Awful’ Menu at His Birthday Party

Drake celebrated his 34th birthday in style. For the Oct. 24 occasion, the “God’s Plan” rapper reportedly jetted off from his native Canada to Los Angeles, where he and a large friend group celebrated with a birthday bash. But while it seems like it was a good time, fans are a little bothered by the menu options at the party.

Inside Drake’s 34th birthday celebration

HollywoodLife reports that Drake arrived in Las Vegas on Oct. 22 after flying in from Canada on his nearly $200 million private jet. The rapper allegedly spent some time there celebrating before heading to Los Angeles for a party at another point over the weekend of Friday, Oct. 23.

Photos and videos from his bash in Los Angeles show that the event followed a dark theme with warming lighting. In the words of HollywoodLife, it “gave off the perfect ambiance for a cozy night of music, drinks, food, and great times with those closest to the artist.”

Drake was seen in photos wearing a gray suit with an OVO chain and a heart etched into his haircut — an ode to his upcoming sixth album Certified Lover Boy. He appeared to be having a great time as he interacted with guests, posed for photos, and accepted his birthday cakes.

But fans are disturbed by the dishes that were served at Drake’s birthday celebration

There was a spread at the celebration that included popular dishes such as fried calamari, grilled cauliflower, steak frites, salad, and sushi. But there were also less common items such as macaroni and cheese with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, raisins, and parsley.

Turned off, fans rushed to websites such as Twitter to criticize and roast him over the dish. One person wrote, “The menu at Drake’s birthday dinner looks awful.”

Another person said, “At first sight, I was going to f*ck with some of the dishes. HOWTHEF*CKEVER— raisins and capers in the mac ‘n cheese? 🤢”

“If I went to Drake’s birthday and got Mac n Cheese with raisins in it I’d honestly sue that man,” said a third social media user.

Drake hasn’t directly commented on his birthday festivities, but fans are still demanding answers. “@Drake, you and whoever catered your party got some explaining to do homie. WHO DEAD*SS PUTS RAISINS IN MAC & CHEESE?” read another tweet.

It’s not the first time Drake has been roasted by his fans

Drake was also trolled back in April after showing off his home in Canada. It’s a 50,000 square-foot mansion with plenty of rooms and amenities, including an NBA-size basketball court, a recording studio, and a massive pool. But some fans didn’t really like the decor.

Junkee reports that one Twitter user said, “Drake is 33 with the interior design taste of a 50 year old mobster’s wife,” while someone else teased the “only thing drake’s home is missing is adam sandler’s character from uncut gems.”

Drake also did not address that criticism.

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