Duchess Kate has ‘overhauled her make-up bag’ for a ‘dewier complexion’

In recent months, we’ve seen the Duchess of Cambridge in Zoom calls and making some public appearances here and there. I’ve noticed that commenters always seem to be on Botox Watch and Plastic Surgery Watch recently too. I haven’t really seen that with my own eyes – there were a few photos from Kate and William’s visit to the London Bridge Jobcentre in September where I thought her cheeks looked a bit chipmunky, like she’d gone overboard with the fillers. But mostly, I think Kate just looks a bit different in recent months because she keeps changing her hair and because she’s made a few makeup changes. She always changes up her hair/wig but the color changes and style changes have been happening at a steady clip the past four months or so. But I hadn’t given that much thought to her makeup, until this completely weird article:

It’s not just her lockdown locks that have undergone a radiant makeover – Kate Middleton also appears to have overhauled her make-up bag. In recent appearances, the Duchess of Cambridge, 38, has debuted a more subtle look and a dewier complexion, most recently in a video filmed at her home in Kensington Palace, in which she teased the results of her Early Years survey.

Celebrity make-up artist and beauty expert Olivia Todd told FEMAIL that the mother-of-three has swapped her usual matte, rosy complexion for a more modern and fresh appearance. Her more ‘radiant’ make-up look is the result of ditching dark eye make-up and harsh blusher and using softer shadows and brow pencils and peachier tones in their place. Earlier this month the royal showed off a lighter ‘bronde’ hairstyle, a midway point between blonde and brown, which Olivia claims creates a ‘more youthful look’ to frame her face.

‘It’s clear to see that Kate has certainly revamped her overall look when you make a comparison between her recent and past appearances,’ said Olivia. ‘Her make-up at present is far more modern, radiant and fresh looking, much different to her very matte, rosier complexion in the past. This could be the result of being makeup-free and indulging in skincare and treatments during the lockdown period. However, my knowledge tells me that her ultra-dewy, expensive looking “lit-from-within” sheen is something that is very hard to achieve without a helping hand from make-up and beauty products.’

[From The Daily Mail]

This reminds me so much of that idiotic article about Kate’s ghastly Peter Pan-collar blouse. They just insist on embiggening Kate to the point where she wears an ugly blouse or stops wearing raccoon eye makeup and suddenly it’s the most stylish thing ever. As for the idea that Kate has significantly changed up her makeup… I don’t even see it? Maybe she’s going more for a “peachy” look with her foundation, and maybe she’s eased up on the raccoon eyes a few times, but Kate still wears way too much makeup and she still doesn’t know how to do her own makeup properly.

Also: the basis for the Mail’s piece was Kate’s look in the “Five Big Insights” video and it was only after I screencapped some pics that I realized that Kate is actually wearing very heavy pink eye makeup. Gross.

This is just the beginning… pic.twitter.com/lKegCA0x2Z

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) November 23, 2020

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace, Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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