Duchess Meghan Is Finding Immense “Support” in Her Two Rescue Dogs During the Pandemic

Despite their move to the United States, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex remain committed to their patronages in the United Kingdom.

An organization particularly close to Meghan Markle’s heart is Mayhew, which is dedicated to the welfare of dogs and cats in London and beyond. The charity also works hard to make sure homeless people can keep their pets, which they often rely on for emotional support. And it would seem that, even during the pandemic, Meghan is keeping in close contact with Mayhew, and has opened up about her own love of animals to the staff.

In a new interview with Hello! magazine, the CEO of Mayhew, Caroline Yates, revealed, “Whenever we talk to the Duchess about the charity, she always references how important her dogs are and what a support they are, particularly during everything that’s happened this year, with COVID, and with the personal trials and tribulations she went through this year.”

Duchess Meghan has always made her passion for dogs clear, with rescue dogs, Guy and Pula, remaining an important part of her family with Harry.

In May 2020, Newsweek revealed that Meghan had been communicating regularly with Mayhew, particularly as the charity relies completely on donations and fundraising, and receives no government funding. At the time, a Sussex source told the publication, “The Duchess is in touch and working with Mayhew at this time. … One thing many people may not realize is the range of work Mayhew does. It is not your classic animal charity. They are supporting so many other people in the community too.”

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