Emmerdale and Corrie actor John Bowe quits career over Covid rules ‘My family’s suffering’

Emmerdale actor John Bowe talks about characters difficult 'pansexual' history

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John Bowe, 71, known for his roles in Emmerdale and Coronation Street, took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the news. He told his 46,900 followers during a conversation with anti-vaxxers.

I have left my 50 year career behind.

John Bowe

He wrote: “I have left my 50 year career behind.

“My family is suffering emotionally and financially because of my stand.”

John continued: “But I am determined to stop this s**tshow.

“I have joined @reformparty_uk and I am in constant dialogue with the leadership, because I see this as a way out of this hell.”

John has been very vocal on Twitter about the pandemic and has expressed his concern that the vaccine is not effective as well as his dislike for the idea of a vaccine passport.

Fellow members of the party praised John in the comments for his stance.

Lisa_cara19 said: “Standing up for what you believe is the hardest thing to do.

“So much respect for you.”

Chrislittlewoo8 added: “You’re a good egg John, straight & true.

“You know what side of history you stand on! There are lots of us standing with you.”

John revealed on April 5, 2020 that he “nearly died” from Covid, speaking about his health on Twitter at the time.

He tweeted: “I have nearly died twice in my life, once just last week.

“The gauze between life and death is extremely thin and oh so easy to pass through, certainly in one direction.”

In stark contrast to his most recent tweets, the soap star added: “Beware the fickleness, selfishness and stupidity of the masses. Come on UK.

“We’re better than this. Stand firm and strong behind our leaders who, together with us, are trying to find a way through this vicious clinging swamp. #StayHomeSaveLives.”

Five months later, John fell off a ladder, injuring himself.

He tweeted: “I’ve had an accident. I’ve broken my shoulder but more intriguing is the ‘Star of David’ I’ve acquired on my forehead.

“Fear not. I shall survive 2020. What a year.”

John played Lawrence White in Emmerdale from 2014 until his character’s death in 2018.

Prior to his role in the Dales, John played tough businessman Duggie Freeman in Coronation Street from 1999 to 2002.

Duggie was killed off when serial murderer Richard Hillman (Brian Capron) left him to die, when he fell two stories after a banister gave way.

He married his wife Emma Harbour in 1995, and the pair have six children together.

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