Expert Reveals Why Trump Will Run For President In 2024

Ever since former President Donald Trump left the White House in January 2021, there has been talk about his potential return to politics. Will he? Won’t he? The debate goes on, with both Republicans and Democrats weighing in regularly.

As time has gone on, the clues left by Trump himself have become even more obvious that he might not see himself as done with the presidency. He has been actively attempting to stay in the public eye. Then his closing remarks at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference caused a huge stir because they hinted at his 2024 presidential run.

At the North Carolina GOP Convention Dinner on June 5, Trump spent the dinner criticizing President Joe Biden and getting himself back into the political scene. Since he was banned from many major social media platforms, Trump also started a new website to be able to connect with followers. So with all this paving the way, it might not come as a huge surprise to hear that an expert just predicted Trump’s run in 2024.

Donald Trump won't build his own presidential library

Michael Wolf, a writer for The New York Times, wrote three books about former President Donald Trump in four years, so he knows the ins and outs of not only Trump himself but his political style. On July 23, Wolf published a piece in the Times explaining how Trump himself invited him to Mar-a-Lago. After dinner one evening, Wolf asked Trump about his potential plans to build a presidential library. The tradition of presidents building a library goes back to 1938, according to The Washington Post, beginning with President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Wolf described the moment when he asked Trump about a potential library. “There was a flash of confusion on his uniquely readable face, and then anger, aroused, I figured, by the implication of what I seemed to be saying — that his time in office was past,” Wolf wrote.

Trump’s response was indicative of his assurance that his time as president isn’t over. “No way, no way,” Trump said. For all intents and purposes, it looks like Trump is going to jump back into the race the next chance he gets.

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