Fans Noticed Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard Briefly Unfollowed Bandmate Brian Kelley on Instagram

Was there some drama in Florida Georgia Line recently?

Fans noticed that Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley unfollowed Brian briefly from Instagram. At this time, Tyler has refollowed his bandmate. The unfollow happened sometime after Tyler contracted COVID-19. The band had to pull out of a performance this week due to the Coronavirus diagnosis.

Fans started chatting on Twitter about the unfollow, writing thoughts like, “Whoa so Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line got COVID but also no longer follows Brian, the other half of FGL seemingly because Brian is a Trump supporter. Sh*t is getting real,” “I don’t mean to speculate but I am human… Tyler Hubbard and his wife just unfollowed Brian Kelly and his wife on instagram” and “Woah! Does that mean FGL will be no more?”

There was a rumor that another celeb recently unfollowed a big star and it caused quite a stir online – check out the story!

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