Father Accidentally Shoots His 9-Year-Old Son In Alleged Road Rage Incident!

How scary!

A father based in Texas accidentally shot his 9-year-old son in the chest after he believed he was being followed by another car.

Last Friday at around 11 p.m., the father allegedly engaged in a road rage incident during a drive home with his child. After engaging in a confrontation with another driver on his way into Houston’s Fifth Ward, the man pulled out a gun to protect himself and his son when he thought the vehicle was following them home, according to ABC News affiliate KTKR.

While the pair made it to their final destination safely, witnesses told authorities the man was taking apart his weapon in a reckless manner (especially since other children were said to be in the area). The weapon accidentally discharged, hitting the child in the chest. The father immediately rushed him to a nearby fire department before the patient was transferred to Texas Children’s Hospital.

According to police, the child is currently in the hospital in critical condition, but he is expected to survive! SO glad to hear that!

While police believe this to be an accidental shooting, the father was arrested and charged with injury to a child, according to KTKR on Monday. Authorities have yet to confirm whether or not the duo were actually being followed. It’s also unclear if this was a real road rage incident — and if not, we seriously hope the cops dig deeper to determine whether the young boy will be safe at home in the future!

As of now, the dad is cooperating with the investigation, so that seems like a good sign police will be able to determine what exactly happened inside the car.

This story is certainly a reminder that there need to be better rules when it comes to guns so that children do not get caught in potentially life-threatening situations such as this. No amount of road rage should warrant the use of a deadly weapon, especially when innocent people are present. This boy seems very lucky to have survived an accident like this — all the more reason to make sure it never happens again!

We’re thinking of the little one as he heals in the hospital, and hoping for a quick and full recovery!

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