Faye Winter says Love Island’s Gemma should ‘rinse being’ Michael Owen’s daughter

Faye Winter has urged Love Island's Gemma Owento "rinse" the fact her dad is famous footballer Michael Owen, as she weighed in on the new series of the hit ITV2 dating show.

The 2021 finalist, 26, took to Instagram Stories to update her 1.2 million followers about her views on the new series so far.

Faye says she is yet to catch up with the drama so far, having been on a romantic holiday with boyfriend Teddy Soares, 26, who she met on last year's show.

The couple have just returned from Ibiza with the Devon beauty explaining she is looking forward to catching up on the antics so far in the villa.

On Wednesday she explained: "Who's the real winner? I think it's me because I get to binge watch it. Quite loving the idea of watching it behind everyone else because when the show's actually being played out there's always one person out there who wants to set the narrative."

She urged people to form their own opinions, to "like who you like" and if you don't like an Islander then "don't give an opinion" because it's not "your life" and "doesn't affect you".

The next day she addressed her fans who had been asking if she had caught up with the show yet, to which she said: "So lots of you are already like, 'Oh Faye must have caught up on Love Island because you know about the age gap'.

"No, I haven't. I haven't watched it at all."

Faye then began ranting about how "social media" had formed people's opinions already and how she already knew "Paige is great and Tash is really sweet and Curtis' twin is sly and Luca is funny".

She also gave her support to Gemma Owen who has been criticised for being "rude". Despite not watching the eighth series yet, Faye predicted that the reason the 19 year old may seem rude is because she's just "reserved".

Faye said: "I love watching it from this perspective – I actually think Gemma's probably not rude.

"She's probably just reserved and comes across rude when she meets new people. I'm like that, I come across as really rude because I don't really like new people but then once you get to know me either you love me or you hate me. Either way it's great."

Discussing Gemma's famous dad, former footballer Michael Owen, she suggested that if it was her, she would "rinse" it for "every penny".

"And what does make me laugh though of that is when somebody turns around says they want to be known as their own person, you know, and they're not their dad's daughter," she began.

"Well, one don't mention it and two, honey, rinse that s**t, rinse it. Got loads of inheritance, I would do that with my dad.

"Just go in there like, 'Hi', don't even say you're Gemma, just say, 'Hi, I'm Mr Owen's daughter. Rise it for every penny it's worth, every bit of inheritance.

"I do that with my dad and he's a HGV lorry driver because he's a great guy and I be like, 'Look, I'm my dad's daughter. I don't want to be known as anything more – this is who I am'."


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