Felicite Tomlinson: 5 Things About Louis Tomlinson’s Sister Who Has Died At 18

Louis Tomlinson was hit with fresh heartbreak on March 13 when his 18-year-old sister Felicite was pronounced dead in her London apartment in the U.K. But who was the One Direction star’s baby sister?

Louis Tomlinson’s family is mourning the loss of another loved one, two years after the death of his mother, Johannah Deakin, from cancer at just 42. On March 14 news broke that Felicite Tomlinson, the One Direction star’s 18-year-old sister, was found dead in her West London apartment, according to multiple reports, including TMZ and U.K. newspaper The Sun, which broke the story. Felicite collapsed and died of a suspected heart attack on March 13. An ambulance was called, paramedics arrived and tried to revive her, but tragically she was declared dead at the scene. Here’s everything we know about Louis’ little sister:

1. Felicite was a social media star and aspiring fashion designer who had 1.3 million Instagram followers. Like many teens she crammed her page full of selfies, but she was also a tattoo lover who had multiple tattoos.

2. Felicite had a tattoo to commemorate her mom’s death. Louis and Felicite’s mom Johannah died in December 2016 of leukemia at the young age of 42. On June 20, 2018 she posted an Instagram photo of her wrist with 1973 tattooed on it, the year her mother was born. “For my Mum, 1973 – 2016 ❤️ Thank you to the amazing @nye_inks for my first tat and making me so comfortable,” she wrote in the caption.

3. She loved working out and eating healthy foods. On Oct. 24, 2018, Felicite posted an Instagram photo of her working out, on what appears to be a bridge. “Getting back to eating healthy and exercising using @pumpup app while I’m away, you can workout [sic] anytime without equipment 😇 I’m still a beginner but every time I complete a workout I feel more and more motivated. My favourite [sic] workouts are the ‘Core Burner’ and the ‘Inner Thigh Isolator’. Follow my @pumpup account ‘feliciteg’ and we can motivate each other.”

4. She is just one of Louis’s seven siblings. He had a total of six sisters, including Charlotte, 20, Georgia, 19, Felicite, twins Phoebe, and Daisy, 14. Louis also has a brother, Ernest, who like his twin Doris, is 5.

5. Felicite was complaining of being ill on her Twitter feed a few weeks before her death. “I’m so ill and I’m still actually going out, who am I becoming?” she tweeted on Feb. 8, adding, “Also my pink options for bottoms were all too big so I get to wear black I’m happy.” Our thoughts are with Louis Tomlinson and his family.

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