Ferne McCann’s boyfriend Lorri Haines shares rare picture of his young son

Ferne McCann's boyfriend, Lorri Haines, has shared a rare photo of his young son on Instagram.

The real estate agent keeps a lot of his personal life private, including his young son, but occasionally shares a snap of the pair together on his social media.

In a heartfelt post, Lorri posted a picture of them both smiling at the camera and wrote: "No matter how bad yesterday was, today is, or tomorrow may be. This little man’s face makes it all worth it."

Ferne joined in with those commenting on the post, which has more than 2,700 likes, writing "cute" alongside an emoji of a smiling face with hearts, to which Lorri replied with a simple heart emoji back.

Vicky Pattinson also commented on the post, saying: "This is too cute" with the heart eyes emoji.

Ferne, 31, and Lorri, also 31, went official in January 2022, with the former TOWIE star posting a picture of the pair on her Instagram saying: "When you know, you know".

Their relationship has gone from strength to strength, with Ferne confirming that Lorri has moved back to the UK from Dubai and into her family home which she shares with her daughter, Sunday.

Speaking previously to OK!, Ferne said that Lorri is "the only person I see a future with" for both her and her daughter.

She said: “He’s back here now for the foreseeable future, which is really exciting.

“He weighed everything up and his son’s here and lots of his other businesses are in the UK. And obviously he’s met the love of his life now so he’d be a bit foolish to live in a separate country.

"We thought long and hard as a couple about what would be best for our families and we’ve made this decision.

“It’s been just amazing and I’m very excited about our future. He’s the first and only person that I see a future with – not only for me but for Sunday as well.”

But the pair's relationship has not been entirely smooth sailing in recent months, with Ferne standing by Lorri after an old video of him with "suspicious white powder" surfaced online.

He was also seen snorting powder in an old photo.

Lorri posted a statement on his Instagram page saying that "these things do not reflect the person I am today."

He said: "In light of the videos circulating of me from a destructive time in my life. I want you to hear this directly from me.

"I want to start this by saying how sorry I am that my past actions are bringing pain to the people I love most in my life now. It is unfair to that something I did a long time ago impacts them.

"I have spent years turning my life around, to be someone I can be proud of. I changed my lifestyle for the better a long time ago but like most people, I have made stupid mistakes, done things I am not proud of. I never thought these actions could possibly hurt anyone else either.

"These things do not reflect the person I am today."

Since then, the couple have continued to thrive, with Ferne admitting she sees possible marriage and children with Lorri in the future.

She said: "My mind used to change like the wind. If I got asked in an interview, ‘Do you want to have more children?’ it really just depended on what mood I was in. But now I can really see what my future might potentially look like and I’d love to extend and grow my family.

“Last night I was strategically on Pinterest scrolling through engagement rings while he was lying in bed next to me. So yeah, I’m not afraid to say what I want."

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