Football legend Ian Rush pops the question to Irish singer Carol Anthony

The King of the Kop – thus named because he scored a club record of 346 goals in 660 appearances for Liverpool – made it official with his Queen two weeks ago.

Ian Rush and Carol Anthony, for it is they, are engaged. The Cork beauty and the handsome football icon have been together since late 2013. “We’ve been speaking about it for a long time,” beautiful brunette Cazza told me. “We don’t feel any different as we always knew we would be together for the long haul.”

The ex-pop star (she sang under the name Havana and was once managed by former Wham! svengali Simon Napier-Bell) turned business woman is no stranger to long haul as she and Ian are forever stepping on and off planes in distant lands.

“When we travel together, Ian always introduces me as his wife. Two weeks ago, I corrected him and said, ‘Ian, I’m not your wife.’ He said: ‘Yes, but I want you to be. That is, if you want to be?'”

I ask Carol what she said to that?

“I said, ‘There’s nothing in this world that would make me happier!'”

Carol, who lives with Ian in homes in Chester and London (and Spain and Dubai), added that “someone in our local pub who sees us regularly said to me recently: ‘You and Ian are best friends.’ He was spot on. We enjoy our own company so much and that is 100pc necessary for a perfect companion.”

“Ian speaks to my brother Shane about me all the time and his wife Kerry relays it to me, saying: ‘Ian just adores you.’ Ian is a big softie deep down. He is an incredible man, such integrity, so grounded,” Carol said of the man who shared a box bedroom with his five older brothers – Francis, Gerald, Graham, Peter and Stephen – in a council house in Flint, North Wales as a kid and his father Francis (who passed away in 2003, aged 78) worked in Shotton Steelworks.

“Ian told my brother: ‘I never knew true happiness until I met Carol.'”

You could say the same for our Carol, who has clearly had her heart stolen away from her for good by the charismatic Welsh wizard. She’ll never walk alone up the aisle, with Leo her dad doubtless giving her away.

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