Former Strictly pro James Jordan called out by fans for criticising Rose Ayling-Ellis

James Jordan says "at least he was honest" about disliking Ola’s new hair

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James Jordan, 43, has come under fire from Strictly Come Dancing viewers after he lashed out at Rose Ayling Ellis’s performance on Musical Week. The ex Strictly professional not only hit out at Rose but also admitted that he didn’t think any performances that week were “brilliant”.

Musical takes over from the quality of dancing,

James Jordan

Focusing on the Rose and Giovanni Pernice’s quickstep, James admitted that he didn’t think it was their “best performance” but added this was because his “expectations were set extremely high” for the pair.

Ola Jordan, 39, James’ wife added also that she believed the performance “felt a little average from them”.

James continued that he was only being so “critical” because the performances the pair had done before were “final standard dances”.

“Their dance was a perfect example of when the theme of the musical takes over from the quality of dancing,” he added in his interview with Hello!.

James advertised about his column on Twitter in view of his 295,400 followers, leading to public outrage in the comments.

He penned: “Hi guys. So myself and @The_OlaJordan caught up on #Strictly & have given our thoughts in @hellomag.

“Let us know what you think – big love to all.”

Fans of Strictly took to the comments to disagree with the ex Strictly professional.

Robbcorin said: “Not sure what else you wanted Rose and Giovanni to do in that Quickstep.

“They could hardly throw cartwheels and lifts in there!”

Helen13225546 added: “I agree with some of your comments and disagree with others but hey!”

MailGilliland commented: “Boy, you make the haters hate even more.

“Poor Tilly, she had zero dance experience as did Rose, Dan and AJ and yet you credit them and dis her constantly. (Sic)

“Why do you keep doing that? If you dislike her dad, take it out on him and not her.”

Halford667 took to the comments to praise Rose and tell James that she is “defo my winner”.

However, many agreed with James’ views praising the star for his “truths”.

Some were even telling him he should have been the replacement judge last weekend on the show.

Kazdaz1963 said: “Look forward to your critique every week.”

Richardcroxford added: “You need to get on the judging panel!

“Couldn’t agree more with your comments!” 

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