GB News’ Alex Phillips claims Tories ‘allowed pornification’ of society in scathing rant

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GB News anchor, Alex Phillips, has taken to social media, attacking her former political party. The former politician believes that the Conservatives have endorsed “serial philanderers”.

The Tories need to remember conservative values.

Alex Phillips

Alex, 37, started her political career while she was studying journalism, creating a short film about the UK Independence Party [UKIP], who she later went on to work for.

The broadcast journalist became head of social media for the political party, before joining the Conservatives months after the EU Referendum in 2016.

While Alex may have admired Theresa May’s determination, she left the party just three years later before joining the Brexit Party in the European parliamentary election.

Just shy of one year after Phillip’s term as an MEP came to an end, it was announced that she would be joining GB News, presenting alongside ex-BBC journalist, Simon McCoy.

The Gloucester-born news anchor often uses her social media platform to share her political thoughts with her 40,700 followers.

In her latest rant, Alex tweeted today: “The Tories need to remember conservative values.

“The UK desperately needs a champion of old fashioned values, from the sanctity of marriage to the innocence of childhood.

“They’ve allowed the pornification of society and endorse serial philanderers.”

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Her post has since raked in over 167 likes and was instantly flooded with messages from her followers.

“They don’t even remember they have a majority. Incredible their inaction on key issues,” said one.

While a second added: “The question as a Tory I keep asking is; Did [the] PM know about Hancock’s ‘indiscretions’ before it became public and if so when did he know? Can you do some digging Alex?”

“The Conservatives need to be actual conservatives, not liberal wokes,” fumed a third.

Earlier this week, Alex claimed that the European Union had been acting like a “jealous ex” following Brexit.

She said: “The head of the EU delegation to the UK has told the Times he thought Scotland might seek independence.

“While insisting the Northern Irish protocol must be enforced, which basically annexing Belfast to Brussels. No wonder he likes it.

“It makes me question those who still cry about the result, why would you want to associate with this unpleasant organisation?”

Alex went on to say: “Because Thierry Breton the EU Single Market Commissioner has now rather laughably said that Brexit means the UK misses out on 45 billion from the Covid Recovery Fund.

“That sounds like we would quite like 45 billion quid, not that simple though, good luck with that mate, I know how unpopular the Covid Recovery Fund already is without even being deployed yet. Member states were forced to pay into central coffers and not bail out their own economies because that would break EU rules.

“So now they are being told by Brussels how much they can spend when and to whom and of course all under strict EU rules that come with yep you guessed it, new austerity conditions.”

Alex continued: “We all know how well that went down after the Eurozone Crisis, rather than constantly obsessing with us like a jealous ex perhaps sort out your embarrassing vaccine saga and focus more on the mounting Euroscepticism across the continent and who will follow us out.

“Instead of spitting over how well we are doing with our newfound freedom!”

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