Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan slams Chloe Ferry over ‘selling’ diets

Believe it or not, it’s over 11 years since Geordie Shore OGs Holly Hagan, Sophie Kasaei and their chaos-causing co-stars first burst onto our screens.

Over 22 series, friendships were formed, hearts were broken, drinks were thrown and kebabs were dropped. And in the process, Geordie Shore created some of the UK’s biggest TV personalities, including Queen of the Jungle Vicky Pattison and two Celebrity Big Brother winners – Charlotte Crosby and Scotty T.

Now, with the reunion series that was delayed for a year by the pandemic finally delighting fans, new catches up with show faves Holly, 30, and Sophie, 32, to ask what viewers can expect…

Hi, both! How did you feel when Geordie Shore: The Reunion was first announced?

Holly: We were all so excited!

Sophie: I think the fact we were all going to be filming together made it really special. Me and Holly had done some filming together – so had me and Marnie [Simpson] – but the fact that we had Charlotte [Crosby] on board this time was amazing. We were desperate for her to join.

Holly: We’d had a group chat trying to plan it for nearly a year. Finally getting it done was sick!

How was the first night you all got together?

Holly: The reunion night itself wasn’t the best part of the show. We didn’t have the best time as it took so long having to meet and greet each other.

Sophie: Yeah, don’t get us wrong, it was lovely to see everyone, but because it was just loads of people in a room all at once it was a lot to get through.

Holly: Everything that happened after that was the best part. There were a lot of shockers
and jaw-droppers.

Exciting! Out of the cast, whose life panned out in a way you’d never have predicted?

Sophie: Marnie’s, for sure. I never thought Marnie would end up living in London with two kids.

Holly: Marnie is the one that surprised us all because she was never really maternal. I didn’t think she’d have kids first and now she’s got two! Or maybe me being married. If someone had
to bet on who’d get married first, it would never have been me.

Holly, we’ve heard viewers could see some tension between you and Chloe Ferry…

Holly: There’s no real feud with me and Chloe. The girl sells Herbalife [dietary supplements] and I had an eating disorder previously, so I don’t want to see it on social media. That’s why I don’t follow her. When we’re in a room together, we have a great time. It’s the same as every workplace – there are people you gel with and people you don’t. I kept seeing stories about Chloe not being invited to my wedding but loads of people weren’t invited from Geordie Shore. It’s f***ing expensive and it was an intimate wedding. I’m certainly not going to invite a girl I haven’t seen for three years.

Charlotte has also spoken before about strained relationships between yourselves and Vicky Pattison. Could you shed some light on that situation now?

Sophie: I have to be the pillar of the community in that I’m civil with everyone. I’m good friends with Vicky but there’ll sometimes be little comments on Instagram between her and the other girls. Realistically, we were never that close with Vicky as a group.

Holly: We’re all similar, whereas she’s quite a bit older. She had a different sense of humour.
She was more serious.

Sophie: When she left Geordie Shore, she wanted to go down the presenting path and do other TV stuff. We were like daft kids.

Sophie, were you reunited with your ex Joel Corry on the show? What’s your dating life like now?

Sophie: Well, you’ll have to tune in to see, won’t you? I can’t give too much away! With regards to dating, I thought last year was going to be my 'hot girl summer', because I love being single, but this has been my year. I go through phases where I’m like, 'Oh, I really want a boyfriend, I want to settle down, I want kids.' But then I’m like, 'Nah, I love being on my own!' Seeing the girls going on their journeys doesn’t make me worried because I want them to do their thing. And then when I’m ready, imagine how much I’ll learn from them. I’ll learn about married life from Holly and kids from Marnie and Charlotte. I’m on a different path right now but it’ll happen eventually and it’ll be amazing.
I could have another year single. I’m happy being the fun, crazy auntie for now.

Holly, will we see glimpses of your June wedding in Ibiza to Jacob Blyth on the show?

Holly: Yes, definitely. It was the most beautiful day but there was so much pressure as it was being filmed. It was a lot of work but it will be worth it. We’ll have footage containing all those beautiful memories and now everyone else can share them.

Geordie Shore: The Reunion is on Paramount+ UK and MTV


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