‘God knows how he’s still alive’ Jeremy Clarkson’s colleague addresses star’s lifestyle

Top Gear fan finds Jeremy Clarkson's car from classic episode

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Jeremy Clarkson, 60, is known for his boisterous personality, his outspoken views and his love for a party, so it’s no surprise that his colleague and closest confident admitted she’s shocked “how he’s still alive”. Phillipa Sage has travelled the world with the Jezza and his co-stars James May and Richard Hammond, and has seen A LOT throughout those 20 years, to say the least.

Glandosane had become a necessity for Jeremy by this point in the tour

Phillipa Sage

In a recent tell-all interview, the trio’s self-confessed “PA, gofer, and fixer” admitted during the Top Gear tour she was stunned at how much Jeremy could put away without keeling over.

It comes as she released her new book Off-Road with Clarkson, Hammond and May: Behind The Scenes of Their ‘Rock and Roll’ World Tour.

The clan embarked on the hugely successful tour in 2015 following their departure from the BBC motoring show, and Phillipa sure had some stories to tell.

Recalling stocking up on “essentials” for the next leg of the trip across Australia, she remembered one item that had become a necessity for Jeremy.

“As well as fags, wine, snacks and hangover cures, ‘essentials’ included a very expensive bottle of Glandosane, a lubricant especially used by actors to prevent or ease a dry throat,” she penned.

“Glandosane had become a necessity for Jeremy by this point in the tour.

“Not only was he using his renowned gravelly booming voice so much but he was, as you might have guessed by now, seriously burning the candle at both ends and in the middle, along with smoking sixty a day.”

She added to The Sun: “God knows how he’s still alive.”

With much gusto it seems, as Jeremy admitted last year that he had ordered “500 cases of rose” when the country came to a halt in March, and spent the quarantine period “just sitting in and drinking it”.

Phillipa also touched on the time James believed he was having a heart attack during a rest period of their tour.

Luckily he wasn’t, but nevertheless the fear was real.

After celebrating their first gig in Oz, the closet motoring fan revealed James fell ill after suffering chest pains following an afternoon performance.

“Paramedics confirmed no heart attack but not surprisingly he was clearly suffering from stress and the effects of a not so healthy lifestyle,” she said, thankfully.

“After a snooze, he declared he felt better and he would go ahead with the evening’s performance.”

She confirmed the strict rule that as a Top Gear presenter, “you were not allowed to be ill” and “certainly weren’t going to get any sympathy”, even if one of them was close to death.

Phillipa added: “Jeremy and James joked on this occasion, as they always did if one of them was potentially facing death, about the promise they had made between the three of them, that the first word after announcing publicly the death of any of them would be ‘Anyway…’”

She joked: “Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

“James was still alive and they completed three more days and nights of successful shows.”

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