Gordon Ramsey forces his kids to jump in freezing sea to ‘work up an appetite’

Gordon Ramsay left fans confused and concerned after he shared a photo of two of his children after they had just been for a swim in the freezing Atlantic Ocean.

Taking to Instagram on Christmas Day, 52-year-old Gordon appeared to delight in sharing a photo of his son Jack, 18, and daughter Tilly, 17, after they took a chilly dip.

The family have been enjoying the Christmas season in Cornwall – having settled in Polzeath for the festive period.

And taking to Instagram, Gordon revealed his kids had found an interesting way to make themselves hungry ahead of their Christmas Dinner.

“Christmas Day Crazy’s quick swim no wetsuit required,” Gordon wrote as he shared the snap.

He added: “working up an appetite #polzeath.”

The image provoked confusion for some fans – who were convinced the strapping teen in the photo was Gordon himself.

“Took me a long time to accept the fact that it’s actually Gordon in the picture. Maybe I’m just too used to his normal hair,” one confused fan wrote.

But another corrected them, writing: “what are you talking about? It’s his son.”

While others were concerned for how icy the Atlantic would have been for the brave pair.

“That water has to be insane cold,” one concerned fan commented.

But the family appear to be having the best time – with each of them posting photos and videos via Instagram of their delightful Christmas together.

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