Greg James missing saga continues as fan theories try to solve riddle

The mystery of where Greg James disappeared to after the BRITs has left radio listeners baffled.

The Radio One Breakfast Show host has been missing since the ceremony on Tuesday night and is claiming that he is being held hostage somewhere.

Greg, 34, has now missed two of his shows in a row and has been posting a series of clues on his Twitter account so fans will work out where he is and save him.

Many of his fans have come up with theories about his whereabouts and have been sharing them online to try and solve the riddle.

Greg's first clue was that he had been blindfolded with a red scarf which prompted fans to find that Foals' Yannis Philippakis, Sam Fender, Freya Ridings, Anne Marie and Dermot Kennedy were all wearing the offending item at the ceremony.

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Greg said one of the main suspects would appear on The One Show last night and Dermot just happened to be one of this guests.

The Irish singer claimed he wasn't behind Greg's disappearance but did drop a major clue, saying whoever took him had a "really posh voice".

Twitter was suddenly flooded with suggestions, with many deducing that the kidnapper must be Jack Whitehall, who hosted the BRITs.

Greg also shared a picture of a coded message written on a napkin, which fans have worked out to mean: "Note capture idea. Let's put red scarves on other people to detract attentions from the two of us."

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He also shared a special podcast from his room and in the background someone speaking in Mandarin Chinese could be heard.

It was then revealed that the captor's favourite meal is rice and curry.

Some also heard the sound of a disposable camera being wound up and Jack Whitehall had posed with one backstage as he got ready for the show.

A phone outside Greg's room contained a voicemail message that said "Sorry about the spill", which sounds like a message from Jack Whitehall, who accidentally spilled tequila onto Harry Styles' suit.

Another suspect could be fellow plummy-voiced star Mollie King.

A BBC-branded USB stick was found outside the Chiltern Firehouse, the venue of one of the BRITs after-parties, containing a series of pictures of a mystery celebrity showing off her outfits in Instagram pictures.

One of them showed the anonymous star wearing the same outfit Mollie wore to the BRITs.

It looks like this mystery isn't solved yet…

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