‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Teddy Suffers From A Pregnancy Complication

Owen and Teddy were brought closer together during the March 21 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, when she suffered from a painful pregnancy complication.

Could Owen and Teddy be getting back together? We’re not sure yet, but the March 21 episode of Grey’s Anatomy certainly tested the waters of a rekindled romance, when Teddy suffered from a pregnancy complication and nearly ended up in the arms of her best friend and baby daddy. During “Add It Up”, Teddy was determined to get her boyfriend, Koracick, and baby daddy, Owen, to get along with each other before a birthing class, but once she started feeling pains in her stomach, those plans were nixed. Teddy, who was feeling distress in one of Maggie’s mood rooms, started panicking and became worried that she’d delivery the baby early, so she told intern Parker to run off and find Owen as she continued screaming in pain.

Owen was already at the birthing class with Koracick, when he got a page saying that Teddy was in distress, but instead of telling Koracick about it, he acted as though he had gotten a work-related page and left the class abruptly. Meanwhile, Koracick stayed behind in the class waiting for Teddy.

As for Teddy, Carina assured her that she wasn’t in labor, but her sporadic and painful contractions were due to a condition called “cervical insufficiency.” Upon hearing that in the exam room, Teddy started panicking because she feared she’d have to give birth to her daughter sooner rather than later. But Teddy eventually calmed down when Owen arrived and started talking to her stomach. Well, that is, until Owen tried using a cute voice and Teddy became uncomfortable. But it also served as an adorable bonding moment for the expecting parents.

Later, Owen laid down in the hospital bed next to Teddy and assured her that they’d be there for each other when the baby arrives. But the sweet moment was interrupted, when Koracick walked in. And Koracick was upset when he realized that he didn’t get updated with the news about Teddy, so he took Owen aside to confront him about leaving him out. He then told Owen that he better not even think about getting back together with Teddy, who he’s hurt multiple times over the past several years. Koracick said he will not stand by and watch Teddy get hurt again, and if Owen even tried to win Teddy back, he’ll fight for her.

In other Grey’s Anatomy news, Alex and DeLuca butted heads when DeLuca took out the frustrations he was having about his dad on their 11-year-old patient. And after getting some advice from Alex about not biting back at people who try to help him (ie. Meredith), DeLuca planned a special dinner for her at his apartment. Also, Amelia and Link engaged in another passionate hookup after trying their hardest to keep their previous romp to a one-time thing.

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