Grimes Admits She's Been Bullied for Her Lisp, 'Big Nose and Weird Face'

Grimes is a popular singer and songwriter, well known for her eccentric lyrics and out-there music videos. Grimes is a staple celebrity presence in tabloid headlines due to her longtime romance with tech genius Elon Musk, although she prefers to keep their private life mostly out of the spotlight. Grimes loves embracing all things odd and has opened up on several occasions about why she feels drawn to the bizarre things in life. The singer has even admitted to being bullied in the past, most notably for her speech impediment that she now considers to be one of her signatures. 

Grimes likes being known for her ‘strange’ personality

Grimes was born Claire Boucher in British Columbia in 1988. She began making music at an early age, publishing music under the name Grimes beginning in 2007. A self-taught visual artist, Grimes released her first album in 2010. She quickly followed her debut album with several other releases, rising to prominence after her 2012 album, Visions

Ever since she first burst onto the scene, Grimes has consistently written and released music, always marching to the beat of her own drum. She has earned a reputation as an eccentric artist, favoring outrageous fashion choices and bold makeup, as well as body and face jewelry. As reported by The Independent, Grimes has never been afraid to let her freak flag fly, steadfastly refusing to conform to mainstream beauty ideals even after she broke into the big time in 2012. When Grimes started dating Elon Musk, many questioned her status as a pop-culture outlier, but the singer has maintained her independence, even in a high-profile relationship with a billionaire like Musk. 

Why did people make fun of Grimes?

Grimes has been open about her unconventional beauty ideals and frequently shares her innermost thoughts with her fans on Instagram. “Ppl make fun of my big nose and weird face but I think it’s cool to be strange,” she wrote on Instagram in early 2020. “Took me a while to figure out how to make makeup look good cuz regular tricks don’t work. But I’m grateful to be oddly designed.”

Grimes has revealed that, in addition to being made fun of for the way she looks, she used to receive flack from people for her lisp. In fact, she once noted that people in high school didn’t talk to her because they found her lisp “annoying.” These days, she doesn’t mind talking about it and has slammed journalists for speaking or writing about her lisp with irritation or amusement. 

Grimes changed her name in 2018

Although she was born Claire Boucher, Grimes has gone by her stage name for many years. In 2018, she changed up her identity once again, making the move to change her name to ‘c.’ She took to social media to state that this new name would be “much better.” She shared that “I’ve been trying to change name forever but couldn’t find good one, but my friends call me c. Claire has been the bane of my existence since I became sentient. I can barely say it with my speech impediment, although c is technically worse for the lisp.”

As to what her partner, Elon Musk, thinks of the name change, Grimes noted that he thinks the name “actually rox.” It certainly seems as though fame hasn’t changed Grimes in any major way, and that she fully plans on maintaining her eccentric nature and preferences. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest entertainment news!

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