Halsey & John Mayer Clear Up Dating Rumors

There has been a fair amount of speculation over the past few weeks that musicians Halsey and John Mayer might be dating. As fans of the two know, Halsey is single after splitting with G-Eazy, and John Mayer hasn’t been linked to anyone romantically for a while now. The two have seemed flirtatious with one another on social media, but has that led to a romance in real life?

As the Inquisitr previously noted, fans of both Halsey and John Mayer have noticed numerous instances where the two seemed to be sharing friendly and flirtatious messages across their social media pages. It seemed that Mayer was particularly complimentary of several of Halsey’s most sultry Instagram posts — and this had people buzzing.

As these comments drew more and more attention, it became clear that these flirty comments were flowing in both directions, per the Inquisitr. Now, it looks like the two have joined forces in an attempt to clarify the state of their relationship.

E! News details that Halsey and Mayer addressed the “elephant in the room” on Sunday, when she joined him on his Instagram Live show Current Mood. The two singers did play with fans a bit, keeping them in suspense — and dragging out the big revelation as to whether or not they’re romantically involved.

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Big thanks to @iamhalsey for joining me on this week’s @currentmood. There’s a lot of joy in making this little show, and it’s beginning to reveal itself as something very special. See ya next week. ???? @jordanrubin

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John and Halsey played a game where they both wrote the answer about whether they were dating on a card, and they shared the cards with viewers at the same time. She teased that it would be fine if they were dating, but ultimately, both musicians revealed cards indicating that they are not a couple. In fact, Mayer even joked about how they’ve now shut this one down — and are now asking for publicity during this challenging time.

Halsey and Mayer aren’t dating, but they clearly are very close. Based on the answers they gave, it would almost seem as if they’ve tinkered with the possibility. John said that they’re both “alpha types,” and he felt that would make dating difficult. He added that they both value independence, and are both creative and highly-driven — and that getting romantic with all of those aspects involved would be tricky.

Could the two ever date? Halsey seemed to leave a glimmer of hope for those who like the idea of these two together, joking about how challenging it is when one debunks a dating rumor, and then later considers the idea.

Based on the comments on Mayer’s Instagram post about the show with Halsey, fans aren’t necessarily giving up on this pairing yet. Many seem to think that the two would make an adorable couple. Despite the denials, any flirtatious behavior between the two is probably going to continue to generate rumors.

Should Halsey and John Mayer date, or is it best that they remain good friends? They seem to consider this rumor officially debunked for now, but it sounds as if the speculation may not necessarily be dying down quite yet.

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