Halsey Moshed So Hard While Watching a Concert this Weekend that She Lost Her Earrings and Hurt Her Face

Halsey has never hidden how obsessed she was as an early teen with emo, punk and alt-rock bands. Well, she apparently indulged that obsession this weekend when she went to a Saturday night show by American pop-punk band, The Story So Far.

Unfortunately, Halsey “went so hard” in the mosh pit that she scratched up her face and lost both her earrings. And after she went on Instagram to tell the tale, fans at the show began posting videos of Halsey … who apparently really was as into the emo band as she had indicated in her tweets.

That’s not how the night started out, though. At the time that she first tweeted out she would be in the mosh pit for the concert, some doubted that the “Without Me” singer was being serious.

So when she got to the concert, she started live-tweeting the experience … including the loss of her hoop earrings in the mosh pit.

The experience also seemed to have scratched up Halsey’s face pretty good.

Unfortunately, life is a little different for Halsey at this point in her life, compared to when she was a teenager. Pop stars have all kinds of responsibilities that apparently involve protecting their faces.

So that was the end of the mosh pit for Halsey. But then fan videos caught Halsey up in the mezzanine – still going pretty hard for the emo act on stage.

To close it all off, the official Twitter account for The Story So Far retweeted Halsey’s picture of her facial scratches. Then the band tweeted a special request to its fans.

(Image source: Halsey Instagram account)

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