Harrison Ford & More Stars Test Out Amazon’s Failed Alexa Products In Hilarious SB Ad

Sure, Amazon putting Alexa in the Echo is incredibly helpful, but as their Super Bowl 53 ad – featuring Harrison Fordand  both Abbi and Ilana from ‘Broad City’ — not every Alexa product is a winner.

“Alexa, reheat pasta,” an Amazon worker said at the start of the brand’s 2019 Super Bowl commercial for its virtual assistant, found in the Amazon Echo and a growing number of devices. “We are putting her in a lot of stuff now,” an Amazon employee says to another. “But trust me, there are a lot of fails.” Cue the celebrities, as Harrison Ford, Forrest Whitaker and the stars of Broad CityIlana Glazer, 31, and Abbi Jacobson, 35 – test out all those Alexa products you’re never going to get. Alexa-equipped electric toothbrushes? Fail. Hot tubs that also double as fountains that play music? Nope. Dog collars that somehow understand dogs? Sorry.

What really put the kibosh on the Alexa Beta Testing Program was “the incident.” In the greatest reason why we shouldn’t allow companies to privatize space, astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly operate an Alexa-equipped space station and it doesn’t go well. Sorry, Elon Musk, but Jeff Bezos just kind of threw a little shade towards SpaceX. It seems that not everything should be connected to the Internet – at least, not right now.

This ad is going to cost Amazon a pretty penny, as 30-second commercials are said to be going around $5 million this year, according to Marketing Dive. This 90-second ad means Amazon possibly shelled out $15 million to advertise, as the company is working hard to keep its position as the top smart speaker. Amazon’s share of the market is expected to drop to 63% in 2019 (down from 67% in 2018) as Google and Apple’s HomePod look to take a bite out of the competition.

This is Amazon’s fourth consecutive Super Bowl spot promoting Alexa, according to AdAge. 2018’s ad was considered one of the best of the year’s, as it had Cardi B, Gordon Ramsey, Rebel Wilson, and Sir Anthony Hopkins sub in for Alexa after she “loses her voice.” The ad even featured a cameo from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, but considering the personal drama he’s going through with his impending divorce, it’s not surprising that he’s not in this year’s spot.

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