Hayden Panettiere hasn’t seen her daughter in 4 months, hopes to marry boyfriend (update)

I thought that the story about Hayden Panettiere’s four-year-old daughter, Kaya, living with her dad, Hayden’s ex, overseas would not get much traction. US Magazine was right though, the story was front-page worthy as it’s notable that a child isn’t living with her mom. There isn’t a custody battle, the article stated that Hayden knew that it was better that Kaya stayed with her dad, boxing great Wladimir Klitschko, in Ukraine. US even posted a video with more quotes stating that Hayden told them “everything has been amicable” between her and the retired heavyweight champion boxer. I didn’t include that in the story because I did a half-assed job with it. She said:

We get along really well. We’re still respectful of each other and we still have that friendship with each other. It’s a new [situation] but I think we’ve done a really good job.”

As someone who co-parents peacefully with an ex who lives overseas, it’s possible and it sounds like the case here. This isn’t a Kelly Rutherford situation where she’s complaining and trying to strip him of custody and it doesn’t sound like he’s doing that to her either. Us did include the detail that “others insist Hayden is secretly struggling” while living so far from her child. However they write that “Hayden comes and goes to Europe to visit Kaya. Wlad travels a great deal as well.”

They also reported that “Panettiere has reportedly not seen her daughter in four months, though a source close to Panettiere disputes this and says the actress has been to Ukraine recently. It’s heartbreaking and challenging. They didn’t spend the holidays together.

Yesterday I said that this was likely a selfless decision by Hayden. However there’s speculation that she’s drinking or drugging, and it definitely looks like she’s drinking judging from the paparazzi photos. US included that in their story. They also had new quotes from her about her relationship with Brian Hickerson. She said she hopes to marry him.

“I’ve lived a big life, I’ve met a lot of people. I learn something new from [Brian] every day, and that’s something that not many people can provide me with,” the Nashville star, 29, tells Us. When asked if she thinks they’ll tie the knot someday, she gushes, “I think so. I hope so.”

As for her favorite way of spending time with the aspiring actor? “I love being low key, being mellow, having experiences, having conversations, really in-depth conversations,” adds the Heroes alum.

[From US Magazine]

Hayden has been open about her struggle with postpartum depression and maybe she’s self medicating with alcohol. I’m a sober alcoholic, I know how that sh-t goes, and I also know that kids have a better life with the sober parent. Her daughter is well cared for and that’s what matters. Plus she’s not even fighting her ex about it. This isn’t an “oh just get sober” situation. If it was as easy as that, the world would be a much simpler place. Her new boyfriend sounds like bad news though.

— Hayden Panettiere (@haydenpanettier) February 7, 2019

These photos of Hayden in the floral dress are from last August. She’s barefoot and has been drinking obviously, but we’ve seen Christina Aguilera and many other celebrities much drunker in public. Remember when Reese Witherspoon was caught on tape yelling at a cop for pulling over her husband for DUI?

These are photos from last week of Hayden at an event with her mom and brother.

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