Here's Jennifer Hudson Singing "Memory" From That Batshit "Cats" Movie

I wish Baha Men had cut a b-side to “Who Let the Dogs Out” called “Who Let The Cats In” because it would be a hilarious and fitting punchline to Tom Hopper‘s upcoming live-action Cats movie. This week we learned a little bit more about the movie as Universal Pictures held their 2019 CinemaCon and disclosed that the titular cats won’t be actual people. That means that instead of seeing Idris Elba and company slithering around in leotards and tights with tufts of fun-fur strategically glued on, we can expect to see something more in keeping with MC Skat Kat, which is far more disturbing.

The cats will appear as actual cats, and like the Broadway musical, the sets will be to scale so that the cats look cat-sized. Like Lily Tomlin in The Incredible Shrinking Woman.

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