Homes Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts returns to filming after ‘serious’ health shock

Martin Roberts, 56, took to to Twitter to share the good news of his return with his 22,700 followers. The BBC favourite to took to the micro-blogging site and shared a video of himself inside an empty house where he offered some advice to viewers. The property expert said: “So delighted to say I’m back filming Homes Under The Hammer and I’m in Leicestershire today. “I thought I’d show you something really quite interesting. Because you get hung up sometimes on damp and the major problems that cause it.”

The presenter filmed inside the derelict property which seemingly showed severe damp and holes in the wooden floorboards.

Martin provided a surprising reason why damp actually occurs and admitted it was down to airflow.

He said: “Sometimes it can be the simplest of things. Look at this,” as he panned the camera towards the wall of the property.

“This looks really, really serious. Huge amounts of problems with the floorboards and all of this kind of stuff,” Martin explained.

“But that’s all caused by condensation. Just having a large number of people in a house without any airflow. There was a unit there in that corner,” as he pointed towards the floor.

He concluded: “And look what it’s done. Overtime it’s dribbled down to the floorboards. It’s caused them to rot. It’s an old adage but make sure that the house you’re in or if you’re coming to restore a house, it’s got airflow. Because that’s one of things houses need…air.”

Fans inundated the Homes Under The Hammer star with well wishes, happy to see him back in front of the camera.

One person said: “Glad you are up and running, take care.”

Another person commented: “Thank goodness you are OK. Your last photo was from a Hammer Horror film!”

While a third person added: “Glad you are better.”

His viewers’ well wishes come after Martin uploaded a shocking video where the presenter could be seen with puffy red eyes.

Taking to Instagram, Martin shared a clip with his 11,000 followers, which he captioned: “Not been a good week, all in all.

“I was just doing some gardening earlier on and there’s a plant called Euphormia,” he told fans. “You need to look it up on the internet because it’s in lots of people’s gardens.”

Martin went on to say he had come into contact with the plant’s toxic sap and was consequently suffering severe stinging in his eyes.

He later shared a follow up video providing an update on his eyes.

Martin said: “Three days on and it still wasn’t right.

“What happened to me was really serious. To reiterate, watch out for this plant. But thanks everyone for your kind words.”

Homes Under The Hammer star airs weekdays at 10.30am.

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