Hot Sluts Of The Day!

Before us bitter and pessimistic bitches get completely bitter and pessimistic about 2019 (TOO LATE, at 12:00:01 this morning, I declared that 2019 will be another flaming bag of dog shit when I felt sickly right before midnight. It was probably my body reacting to me thinking about making eating healthier this year.), let’s douse our eyes with some optimism and awww-ness.

Twitter user Jordan Ireland of Colorado was doing what I do sometimes: randomly record my dog just in case he does something weird or interesting that I can pimp out on YouTube. Jordan got lucky because she caught her dog Maggie channeling her inner Erika Jayne by patting the puss. Jordan’s cat Pumpkin returned the sweet affection by hugging on Maggie. If dogmanity and catmanity can put their legendary rival aside and call a truce with a loving hug, maybe there’s some hope that 2019 won’t be a shit show bigger than a scat orgy sponsored by Taco Bell after all! There’s hope in this world!

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