Howard Stern Apologized For His Wendy Williams Rant

The Wendy Williams/Howard Stern feud has come to an abrupt and surprising end. Whatever Howard’s therapist is getting paid, it’s not enough, because he’s actually apologizing to Wendy for his outburst.

According to The Hollywood Reporter

Within hours, Stern had fired back, eviscerating Williams on his air. “Jealous bitch. … You’ll never be me,” he fumed. “You don’t have my wit and you don’t have my talent.” Weeks later, he regrets the tirade, acknowledging: “That was me at my worst. I thought she was saying that I was a piece of shit and I sucked. But as [I hear it] now, I don’t see it as an offense at all. If ‘Hollywood’ means that I’ve evolved in some way and the show has changed, then yeah, she hit the nail on the head.” He’s pulled the rant from rerun airings.

Wendy called Howard “soft” and accused him of going “Hollywood”. Wendy isn’t the only one who isn’t into this new more “woke” Howard Stern. Artie Lange also isn’t a fan of Howard 2.0.

To Stern’s delight, most of his listeners have been willing to evolve with him. Not all, of course. There are some who miss the old Howard — including former Howard Stern Show personality Artie Lange — who accuses him of having gone soft.

I love Artie Lang but based on his bad shit-induced flattened nose, maybe Howard going softer isn’t the worst thing to happen to him.

Listening to Howard talk about old interviews where he wished he could have better understood his own arrogance and done things differently is fascinating. He talked about the time he ran off Gilda Radner by asking about how well endowed Gene Wilder was and how he regrets berating Robin Williams.

An early ’90s interview he did with Robin Williams still ranks among Stern’s biggest regrets, however, in part because it’s too late to apologize, as he has to others. “I loved Robin Williams, but there I am beating him over the head with, like, ‘Hey, I hear you’re fucking your nanny?’ I could have had a great conversation, but I’m playing to the audience,” he says. “They want to hear outrageousness, and that’s my arrogance thinking that Robin Williams can’t entertain my audience. How stupid am I?”

Wendy should be thanking her lucky stars that she’s picked a fight with this Howard and not the Howard of 20 years ago because we would have decades of Howard dragging Wendy. Hopefully Wendy can go back to divorcing her dirtbag of a husband and Howard can go back to farting on little people or whatever he’s up to now (I don’t have Sirius money).


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