Howie Mandel Would Never Host the Oscars & Doesn’t Understand the Need for Awards

Howie Mandel is someone that you can cross off the list of possible people to host the Oscars because he says he’d never take the job.

The America’s Got Talent judge opened up on an episode of Busy Tonight, which aired on Tuesday (January 8).

“Never, never. No desire to. I would never want to do it… That is the most thankless job, I think, in our industry… Nobody comes out of there a real winner… I don’t understand any awards for what we do,” Howie said.

“Really you’re just pretending. Your husband deserves an award,” Howie told Busy. “He writes things, he directs things… For somebody to show up in the morning, and somebody drives you usually there, and then they sit down and then they, you don’t even comb your own hair. hey comb your hair, they put makeup on you, they put a piece of tape and they say stand there and say this… And then we have a night where we say to them, ‘Brilliant!’”

“I don’t know that we need to be that celebratory. That’s the biggest celebration on earth and it’s just about people who are pretending and wearing makeup,” he added.
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