I’m A Celeb’s Nick Knowles’ son furiously blasts claims his dad is being fake

Nick Knowles’ son Charles has angrily blasted claims his dad is “faking” a kindly image to be crowned king of the jungle.

Some viewers of I’m a Celebrity have been impressed by the consideration the DIY SOS presenter has shown rivals during the survival show in Australia.

Others are suspicious that it’s just an act to woo the public.

But Charles told the Mirror: “There will always be a negative side when someone is being nice and kind to people. That’s the line of work he is in.

“We know this is how dad is and he will always help others. Even if others doubt him for doing it. He always says you don’t do things for a medal you do it because it’s the right thing to do!

“Dad’s just being dad. He’s caring, kind and always puts others before himself.

“He deserves to be crowned king because he’s put everyone above him and has shown [himself] to be a true leader for others.”

Nick’s decision to give Anne Hegerty his luxury pillow divided opinion and he also counted himself out of going to a feast when he was Camp Leader and someone had to drop out.

The 56-year-old also took charge in an immunity challenge, taking on almost all the games for his team to ensure he could not be voted out first.

Charles, 25, also took the opportunity to open up the family album to the Mirror. One touching picture shows Charles, aged 18 months, alongside his dad as he played guitar.

He added that his father will not believe he has topped the iTunes chart.

When first released, Nick’s album only made it to No 92 but a radio campaign by Chris Moyles turned a song from the LP into a big hit in the past two weeks.

The campaign was started after Nick boasted of jamming with Biffy Clyro at a party in London. Charles added: “Much love to Chris Moyles – dad owes him a pint. If dad wants to bring out a second album we will always back him.

“The reception has been great so it’s worth a thought. He won’t believe what has happened, it’s been crazy.”

Asked about the now ­infamous jamming session, Biffy Clyro’s James ­Johnston struck a bit of a discordant note saying: “He’s been a bit loose with the truth there.

“It was more like eight years ago, and it was after an awards ceremony. We came back to this hotel in Soho and we’d been informed that Nick Knowles had bought us a bottle of champagne to celebrate on the roof.

“He was lovely, we had a drink and we left and there might have been a guitar there. He was a nice guy.

“I’m not gonna say anything bad about him, Mr Nick Knowles, he was lovely. But I don’t think it’s quite the Kum Ba Yah situation that everyone might have in their heads.

“I’m really sorry to shatter the illusion that we had a proper heavy jam with Nick Knowles because that did not happen. It’s a half-truth.” In camp Nick has won praise from the other celebs for his DIY skills.

In the Bush Telegraph he explained: “We managed to create a screen, weaved some palm for Harry to keep the smoke away from him.

“We built a tripod to dry our clothes and we built a washing line so we have already built a few things.”

However, Nick’s other son TJ, 22, said his dad wasn’t always a DIY king. He added: “Nick didn’t really make stuff for us as kids. There was one story from my brother who was living up in Chester and he was converting a loft.Dad was helping and he put his feet through the ceiling and fell straight through. It was a real life DIY SOS!”

Both TJ and Charles are now at the Versace hotel on the Gold Coast waiting for their dad to emerge.

Generously, Nick has vowed to share his fee among friends and family to “spread the love a bit more”.

Nick has also played down his status as a bit of a hunk, saying: “If you film any bloke for 10 days and edit it into 60 minutes, you can make them look really lovely and sexy. Possibly some of the interest is the fact I look like a bag of spanners on TV. “

Meanwhile, host Holly Willoughby, 37, took time out from filming to enjoy a trip to the beach with her family.

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