‘I’m practically skeletal now!’ Piers Morgan talks weight-loss in candid health admission

What is long Covid and what are the known symptoms?

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Piers Morgan, 56, is still battling long Covid, after he contracted the virus six months ago. Having been bed-bound and with no taste or smell, the former Good Morning Britain star admitted he’s lost “around a stone” in weight.

I’m practically skeletal now!

Piers Morgan

In his latest column for The Sun, Piers spoke to the publication while he enjoyed some LA sun.

He revealed he had also hired a nutritionist, and is “practically skeletal now”.

For someone who enjoys his food and drink, it’s been a challenge to get used to as he confessed: “Food tasted like rubber, and there’s no point drinking.

“I’m practically skeletal now,” he laughed, dramatically.

Despite still having a very bland palette, Piers previously said the outcome of his Covid battle could have been much worse had he not been double-vaccinated.

He believes he caught the virus at Wembley Stadium while he was watching England play during the Euros 2020 final.

His symptoms included; a cough, fatigue, a loss of taste, a fever, chills, violent coughing and sneezing fits.

In August, he revealed he was also suffering from “posterior vitreous detachment” in his left eye, a condition that occurs when the gel that fills the eyeball separates from the retina.

According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, PVD isn’t painful and it doesn’t cause sight loss, but you may have symptoms such as seeing floaters (small dark spots or shapes) and flashing lights.

Then in December, Piers admitted he had turned to medication, and his long-term symptoms seemed to be improving.

The presenter shared his health update in response to Sky News Rowland Manthorpe, who also had a “nasty case of long Covid”.

Writing on Twitter about his own battle, Rowland posted: “Don’t like putting personal things on Twitter, but I’ve just logged on after a while and found a load of DMs asking why I’ve disappeared, which is… a good question.

“If you haven’t seen me recently it’s because I’ve got a nasty case of long Covid. Eight months and counting.”

Piers replied: “DM me… I had same for five months but new meds seem to be cracking it.”

In the summer, a month after falling ill, Piers told fans: “A new treat – aside from ongoing tedious fatigue and inability to taste wine, all the coughing’s caused a ‘posterior vitreous detachment’ in my left eye.

Weeks later, he followed up with an update: “28-day Covid update: a new treat – aside from ongoing tedious fatigue & inability to taste wine, all the coughing’s caused a ‘posterior vitreous detachment’ in my left eye.

“So, I’m now seeing weird ghostly cobwebs swimming around.

“It really is the virus that keeps on giving.”

Piers has continuously praised scientists for creating the jabs as he believed he’d be much worse if he hadn’t had them.

The father-of-four’s latest update comes as the new Omicron variant continues to spread across the UK.

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